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Unraveling Self-Stopping - Shaming

We’re going to tackle a big way you may be stopping yourself, and that’s shaming. You may know the work of Brené Brown. If you don’t, please check her out. She has so much to say from her research and her teaching about the effects of shaming. Shame is extremely toxic, and I want to talk about it so that you can locate where you may be shaming and stopping yourself.

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Freedom to Change

Today I want to talk to you about the freedom to change. We’ve been on a theme of freedom this month because of July 4th and this is a very important freedom to be conscious of and to adopt. Now, why is that?

It’s very easy in the physical world to think that things are solid– like these leaves are solid, this iron railing is solid – and yet, over time, it all changes. These plants, they all change. We change.

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Compassion or Companionship?

Do you ever feel a conflict about going for more abundance when others around you are struggling? Do you wonder whether your doing well hurts others – that you should just keep struggling too? Here are my thoughts on these questions along with an Energy Clearing and Infusion of thoughts and beliefs that may prove more beneficial for your doing well in your business and having more to share with others.

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What’s Your Story about Money?

Money is a subject that most of us pay a tremendous amount of attention to. Whether we are always aware of it or not, often these questions are playing in our mind: Do I have enough money? Why aren’t I earning more? Why is it so hard to hold on to money? Am I spending enough or too much on myself? Will I have enough money for the future? Why is money so hard to talk about? Why do my partner and I always fight about money?

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Can a Conversation Change a Life?

This past week my coach was in Chapel Hill working with her coach. Yes, coaches have coaches – at least the good ones do to keep learning, growing and expanding so they can share what they master with their clients! I was delighted to have breakfast with her before taking her to the airport. At one point in the conversation, I talked about feeling an undercurrent of anxiety about the state of the world and about a situation in my business.

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Who Can You Be?

The first ever Abundance with Adele live workshop was a BLAST! It sold out and had standing room only attendance with great women business owners and service professionals learning how to bring more money into their businesses. At the end I gave them the assignment to ask Expansive Questions whenever they feel stuck or frustrated about money. The most popular one was this: "Who can I be to bring (put your desire here) into my business each and every month?"

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Habits that Handicap Your Success - Deserving

It lurks in the soul of almost every woman I’ve ever talked to.

Tons of research and well-respected books delve into it. There’s much debate on the cause and the cure for it. And yet it continues to plague even the most successful of us. I have a new spin on it. Watch and let me know what you think of my idea about how to remedy this difficult challenge to you and your business.

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Do You Love the Game?

A few years back I worked with collegiate athletes at a well-known university on Mental Peak Performance.The kids were talented and well trained, and many were on scholarship for their sport. If there was a glitch in their performance, I was called in by their coach to help them get their mindset right so they could compete and win. Consistently, when I helped the student athlete erase the mental and emotional blocks that were upsetting his/her competitive performance and apply that to a sensation of winning, s/he began to excel. Some ran their best time in races, others began to win their competitions, and several became team captains and made Dean’s List for the first time in their college career.

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The Gift of Challenge

As I stagger grazed and changed out of the year 2013, I realize that the tremendous demands of the year are actually bearing gifts, just as I had fervently hoped during the steepest of challenges. I’m not the only one who has faced obstacles, anxieties, and deep changes this year.  For many of us, this year has been stacked with challenges that have made sticking with the status quo a ridiculous thought. 

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