What Is Your Favorite Distraction?

What Is Your Favorite Distraction?

Today I want to talk about, “What’s your favorite distraction?” 

 Watch the video or read the article below to determine your favorite distractions.

 Before I talk to you about distractions, you must promise me – you must promise me – that you will not judge yourself for your distractions, 

That’s because judging just kills all the fun. It can kill your business. 

When you’re judging yourself, it’s much harder to take action. And action is so key in building a business you love.

What is your favorite distraction? My coach asks me this all the time.

 Last month, we had the hurricane that hit North Carolina. 

This month, the hurricane hit Florida, where one of my virtual assistants lives. She and her family were very close to the center of that hurricane. I'm concerned about them. 

 My coach said, “I understand. Are you using that as a distraction? 

Can you hold that, your concern, and what you want to create?” 

That’s really the question: Are you distracting yourself from what you want to create with anything that you might be distracting yourself with?

 I’ll just give you like, the top 5 or so of my favorite distractions: 

·     Fear of the future. That will really shut me down. 

·     Worry – and I'm a really good worrier. I’ve had to learn how to not worry so much. 

[Here’s the helpful fact: that if you’re predominantly right-brained – and 80% of all women are predominantly right-brained in their activity, and you’re very creative, which is the right brain on the back – you worry. That’s the only quadrant of the brain that worries. Creative and worrying is not a great combination, but you can learn how to deal with that.]

·     Concern for others – like, putting myself over there, worrying about them, wanting to do for them when they really can do for themselves. 

·     Staying in my head, and trying to figure stuff out. That doesn’t work so well. 

·     Not trusting myself – it’s like, second-guessing myself – and 

·     Chocolate chip cookies.

Those are my distractions. What about yours?

Here are some ideas – and you probably have thought of some others: 

·     Facebook – spending way too much time on Facebook or social media Binge-watching Netflix 

·     Worrying about money

·     Putting yourself down

·     Paying more attention to other people than you do to yourself – not taking care of yourself. 

These are all distractions.

There’s a difference between distraction and rest. 

What I'm creating is more programs in my business, more interaction with people, more engagement – and I still need to rest. 

I need to do self-care. I need to spend time with my family and friends. I need to do stuff that’s fun for me.

My business is fun, for the most part – but I can’t be doing my business all the time. I'm not talking about being a robot. I'm asking, “are you distracting yourself from creating what you desire? 

Let me show you a very simple exercise that can help diminish the distractions. 

First of all, you have to catch yourself doing it. 

If you’ve been on Facebook for 20 minutes – and you really meant to be writing an email to somebody who wants to work with you – that’s a distraction. 

Catch yourself, and then try this exercise. 

Try This

It’s is called the Ice Melt.

Imagine there’s a block of ice between your hands – and, before you froze it, you put in all the fears, the concerns, the worry, the social media, spending time on social media or watching your favorite Netflix series too much. 

You know when it’s too much – all that, whatever yours are, put it in the ice. 

Freeze it, and imagine it between your hands. 

Now, just imagine that ice melting, and you can tell it’s melting because your hands are going to come together. 

You may feel something, you may not. Let your hands come together at their own speed. 

 Just let all of that melt. When your hands come together, it’s melted. 

 Now, you can do this more than once.

Please use that tool. 

Please look at your distractions. 

If you notice that you’re distracting yourself, just stop and ask, 

“Do I choose to keep doing this, or do I choose something else?”

“Do I choose something else maybe that I want to create?”

That’s it for today. Thanks so much, and make it a great week.

P.S. I’d love to know YOUR favorite distraction. Please post a comment to let me know!