How much do you think you deserve?

how much do you think you deserve?

You are probably completely confused about what you deserve. You may think you need another degree or certificate or 12 more years of experience or to become prettier/slimmer/richer before you deserve more clients and more money.

I think that idea is wildly untrue and damaging to you and your business. It also harms the people that you could help if you knew that you deserve everything you desire.

I believe you were born to desire the opportunities, experiences, and relationships that you deserve and would find fulfilling.

At some point the ability to desire and believe that you deserve what you want got trained out of you – partly to socialize you, partly to keep you safe from disappointment, and partly because some people don’t desire much and think you shouldn’t either.

To release you from this state of “Death of Desiring and Dreaming”, I made this video for you. Included is an energy clearing to shift your beliefs about what you deserve.

Give it a watch and let me know what shifts for you. I am eager to hear!

PS    If you would like to spend 30 minutes talking with me about what you desire in your business and your best steps to having that become a reality, please book a complimentary Abundance Breakthrough Session with me at It’s completely free and I would love to help you see how to realize more of your dreams and desires!