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Is It Enough?

This is week five of my summer sabbatical. I've been able to rest, meditate, and I've been doing a lot of reading, which I expect in the summer. I’ll share with you some books that I’m loving and what I’m learning in my sabbatical. 

During my rest time, I've been thinking a lot about self-value.  I choose to focus on a shadow every month. If you don't know about Shadow Work, I can talk about that another time. Basically, a shadow something that's true, but you're you've hidden it some place.

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Ease, Space, & Meaning

Today is the second week of my summer sabbatical, which I am taking because I was nearing burnout. I knew that I needed to make some deeper changes within myself — and I wasn't having very much fun — so I decided to make a radical change in my schedule and experience.

Watch the video or read the article to discover what I’m learning during this time of change and how it might help you have more ease, space, and fulfillment.

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Freedom to Change

Today I want to talk to you about the freedom to change. We’ve been on a theme of freedom this month because of July 4th and this is a very important freedom to be conscious of and to adopt. Now, why is that?

It’s very easy in the physical world to think that things are solid– like these leaves are solid, this iron railing is solid – and yet, over time, it all changes. These plants, they all change. We change.

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Freedom to Choose

Today I want to talk to you about being free to choose. That seems to be self-evident, doesn’t it? It’s like, “Of course, I'm free to choose,” but in my experience, sometimes we’re really not. We think we are, but we’re really not. Making a choice conscious is a really great practice.

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Healing “Me Too”

If you are on Facebook, you’ve likely seen the many “Me too” posts shared there – to date there have been 1,400,000 of them. The point of these posts is to focus attention on how much sexual harassment, assault, and abuse women experience. Each post makes my heart ache. And when a beloved younger relative posted, “Me too”, I cried.

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How Do You Balance Self-Care and Your Business?

In the aftermath of the death of my beloved companion dog Sophie, I have had to pay much closer attention to self-care.  I have been tired and distracted by grief. I couldn't concentrate enough to work very much for the first three weeks after she died.  Even reading was a challenge as my mind and body were processing her absence. The last time I lost a major figure in my life was 27 years ago when my father died with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).  After his funeral I went back to work and managed the roller coaster of grief by pushing the painful feelings away.

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