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Is It Enough?

This is week five of my summer sabbatical. I've been able to rest, meditate, and I've been doing a lot of reading, which I expect in the summer. I’ll share with you some books that I’m loving and what I’m learning in my sabbatical. 

During my rest time, I've been thinking a lot about self-value.  I choose to focus on a shadow every month. If you don't know about Shadow Work, I can talk about that another time. Basically, a shadow something that's true, but you're you've hidden it some place.

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How Do You Stand Out?

How do you stand out in a marketplace that’s really busy, really noisy, and really crowded?

Today we are talking about Step 7 in how to create a clear and compelling message for your business, so that

· You stand out in the crowd,

· Your ideal clients can hear you,

· You attract the clients and the income you desire and deserve and

· You make the difference you want to make.

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What do you deserve?

These questions probably often play in the back of your mind: “Can I buy a new pair of shoes?” “Can I afford a bigger home?” “Can I take a day off and not have my business or my family suffer?” “When do I get to take a REAL vacation?” Are you someone who wears shoes and clothes past their prime or lives in a place “that will do” or never takes a break to refresh and renew yourself?

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“I love you being you”

Last week I wrote about my realization of the many years spent trying to be “not me”. Trying to fit in, to do it “right”, to be approved of and included. A friend responded so generously with, “I love you being you.” Isn’t that a great message to receive? For sure, we women are encouraged, directed, and even programmed to be “not ourselves”. Whole industries – fashion, makeup, hair, diet, body image, etc. - and career directions are built on women fitting into certain norms and roles.

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5 Habits that Encourage Success - Non Attachment & Acceptance

If you cringe at your mistakes or stop yourself from taking the next step in your business or feel completely confused and overwhelmed, this habit is for you! It’s a simple practice from Eastern philosophy.  It can take the weight of perfectionism off your shoulders and get you back into action. Watch the video or read the article below to learn about this habit.

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Habits that Handicap Your Success - Confidence

Today, I want to talk to you about one habit that I see that handicaps people’s success. And in particular, women entrepreneurs’ success. And what is a habit? A habit is a repeated practice. And because it’s repeated, it sometimes will go unconscious—and we don’t even think about it. Like, driving to a familiar location, you probably don’t have to think about it very much. But these habits can get in the way of our success. And so, I want to talk to you about it—and what you can do about it to begin to turn it around.

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Are You Scared of Being Seen?

If you're like many mission-driven entrepreneurs, you are passionate about what you do. But you may experience a lurking, hidden fear of being seen and heard. It's kinda crazy, right? You have so much to offer, but letting people know about what you do in ways that lead them to work with you can be such a challenge.Today I'm diving into understanding the fear of being seen, how it negatively affects your business, and some suggested practices to help you can begin to turn the fear around.

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