Unraveling Self-Stopping - Overwhelm

Unraveling Self-Stopping - Overwhelm

Here’s a new series for you called Unraveling Self-Stopping. Today we’re going to talk about Overwhelm.

The aim of this series is to unravel the knots that are holding you back from achieving more of your dreams and desires. 

Watch the video – especially if you want to experience the energy clearing at the end – or read the article below.

 Why I am I talking about this is that many of my clients find they stop themselves through self-doubt, through self-criticism, through questioning themselves, through not taking action. 

Stopping yourself is a big factor in limiting your achievements and desires. 

It’s critical to become aware of how you stop yourself so that you have more choice and take more action towards your dreams, desires, and goals.

Just think about something that you know that you “should” be doing in your business. Look at why maybe you don’t do that. 

A lot of times, it’s from overwhelm—and why would you not be overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in your life, in the life of your family, your friends, your community, the country, the world? 

There’s a lot going on for sure, and you know a lot about it because you’re on social media, watch the news, and talk to people. It can be overwhelming. 

You’re going along with a busy life, and then something happens. It’s too much. How do you deal with that? Because overwhelm can definitely stop you.

Here are some easy things to do to release overwhelm.

Step 1 – Stop and Breathe

The first thing to do is stop and breathe. Get present in your body. To do that, feel yourself breathing. 

Feel your hands and your feet and feel your feet on the floor. Feel your torso. Let it feel heavy. Let whatever is overwhelming you drain off. Imagine letting it go. 

As you take that next breath, you may notice a sense of lightness, that sense of, “Wow, maybe I can do this.” The first step is to stop and breathe.

Step 2- Get Help

The second step is to get help. Now, I know, in America, we think that we’re the pioneers and we have to do it all ourselves, we’re the Lone Ranger.  

That is a really, really toxic archetype for how life really is. Because we all need help.  

If you’re not allowing yourself to get help, allowing yourself to know that you actually need help—then you’re doing yourself a disservice, and you’re overwhelming yourself. Because the truth is, you cannot do this alone. You cannot do this life, your business, taking care of yourself and your family—alone.

I’ll tell you a story. You may know that I have a mother who is aging. Next month, she’ll be 29 again. She would kill me if I told you what her real age is. She’s a little bit older than 29.  

She lives in Assisted Living, and I like to take her out on little fun outings. We went up to the mountains of North Carolina in the fall. 

I had had one of those weeks where it’s just “slam” into the weekend. I had no time to prepare where were we going to go and do.  I had a place for us to stay, but nothing more than that.

Well, my mother had the plan. She had all the brochures from when we had been there before. She had marked out where she thought we should go. 

It was an ugly, rainy day. She said, “Let’s go to Tanger Outlet Mall. It’s right off the Blue Ridge Parkway.” We did. 

We got a little shopping done, and she bought me some clothes. It was fabulous. 

I got help, and she got to contribute to our fun weekend together.

That’s the second step you can take to lower your overwhelm: get help. 

Step 3 – Ask Questions

The third is to ask questions. I love Access Consciousness, and a big part of what they promote is asking questions. 

Their favorite question is, “What else is possible?”

The next question you could ask is, “Do I really need to do this? Or is everybody going to be okay if I don’t do this, if I don’t overdo in this particular area? Do I really need to do this?” Other questions are, “Who can help me do this?” and “What would be fun for me to do?”  

Start putting these steps into play and notice what happens with Overwhelm. You may just notice it slipping out the side door leaving your free to do what needs to be done.  

Post a comment below to tell me how it’s going for you!