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Is That Box Too Small for You?

Do you resist doing things just like everyone else does in your field? Do you lose your creative mojo because you feel you have to conform to your industry norms? Several of my clients struggled with these very issues which stopped them from succeeding in and enjoying their business. As we worked to resolve these conflicts, they began to feel freer to create a business that works for them. As they gathered momentum and clients, projects and programs began to flow for them.

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Do You Love the Game?

A few years back I worked with collegiate athletes at a well-known university on Mental Peak Performance.The kids were talented and well trained, and many were on scholarship for their sport. If there was a glitch in their performance, I was called in by their coach to help them get their mindset right so they could compete and win. Consistently, when I helped the student athlete erase the mental and emotional blocks that were upsetting his/her competitive performance and apply that to a sensation of winning, s/he began to excel. Some ran their best time in races, others began to win their competitions, and several became team captains and made Dean’s List for the first time in their college career.

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