Unraveling Self-Stopping - Mistakes

Unraveling Self-Stopping - Mistakes

Today we’re going to continue our series on Unraveling Self-Stopping, and we’re going to talk about a big way to stop yourself: Mistakes. 

Watch the video or read the article below to understand how you may be stopping yourself by holding on to past mistakes. We’ll do an energy clearing session to help you let go of them.

 The definition in the dictionary of a “mistake” is: “a wrong action or statement proceeding from faulty judgment, inadequate knowledge, or inattention.” If you’ve been alive for very long, you’ve probably made a mistake or two.

I’ve noticed that women tend to hold on to mistakes longer than some men do. Recently, in the Abundance with Adele Live Workshop that I do every month in Durham, North Carolina, it was a big topic of conversation. 

We were talking about distractions, and participants said, "I get really distracted by the mistakes I’ve made. It’s really hard for me to take my attention off of those.” 

 We can approach mistakes in many ways. I would like to talk about it in three ways: 

  • a fundamental mistake, 

  • a conversational mistake, 

  • a business mistake 

I have made all of these and more.

A Fundamental Mistake

A fundamental mistake is, “Maybe I should not have been born. Maybe I was a mistake.”  

I thought that because my parents were young and new in their relationship when they got pregnant with me, “maybe I shouldn’t have come along as early as I did.” 

They were married and had the resources to raise a child. I know some parents don’t have those resources, and have to put their child up for adoption. That child might think, “Well, I was a mistake.” 

Sometimes, girls think that they should have been a boy because their family thinks that. That’s a fundamental sort of mistake: “Fundamentally, I am a mistake.” That’s one example.

Conversational Mistakes

Conversationally is when you upset somebody. I hate upsetting other people. I’ve done it a fair amount in my life—by either saying something that they weren’t ready to hear, or saying something hurtful to them. I didn’t say it in a kind or caring manner. 

Over time, I have learned not to do that so much. I’ve also learned that, sometimes, when people get upset with what I say, the timing could’ve been off, my presentation could’ve been off—but maybe there was something in them that’s not my responsibility. Maybe we can share the responsibility of that “mistake”. 

Business Mistakes

Business mistakes can be numerous! 

 Have you ever invested in anything in your business that didn’t turn out the way that you thought it would? 

You didn’t get the return on investment that you thought you would—and then you lay up the judgment on yourself? 

You say to yourself, “Oh, that was a mistake. I can’t do this business thing.” I have definitely done that—once with a very big investment in a sponsorship at an event that really did not garner the results I wanted.

I want to talk about why mistakes are the way it is in business and life.

Things never show up the way we think they’re going to. We want them to show up one way, and they show up another way. If we label that as a mistake, then we’re laying a lot of judgment on ourselves. 

That’s just the best way to stop yourself - to judge yourself.

In the Abundance with Adele Workshop, a participant asked, “Well, how can I let go of holding on to mistakes?”

How to Release Past Mistakes

One way to begin releasing past mistakes is treating what happened as data. They’re just facts. 

It’s not something that you need to hold on to. It’s not something you need to be emotional about. 

You may be emotional, but you can move through the emotions—and come to see it as, “Oh, I tried that. That’s what happened. Oh, well, I'm not going to do it that way next time. I may do it again—but I'm going to do it a different way.” 

It’s learning. I think that, many times, men are better models of this than women are—because a lot of times, they seem like they treat what happens as data. They don’t get emotionally involved in it. That just may be the way we’re wired—but I think it’s a great idea to start to release the emotional attachment to “mistakes”.  

Energy Clearing Session

 This is the dowsing bobber that I like to use to help shift energy. When it’s going counterclockwise, we’re clearing energy. When it’s going clockwise, we’re infusing energy—like that lovely olive oil, like basil-infused olive oil. We’re infusing. 

 Clearing Step 1

We’re going to clear anywhere where you think you are a mistake—you’re fundamentally a mistake. 

Clearing that, on all levels, lifetimes, languages, resolving all the history. We’re deleting and destroying that across all time, space, dimensions, and realities. That’s from Access Consciousness, the Clearing Statement. Good, bad, right, wrong, PoD, PoC, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds.

You could go to AccessConsciousness.com and look up the Clearing Statement. You’ll see an explanation of what that means. I like using it because it’s a really great do-it-yourself way to start unraveling the ways that you stop yourself.

Now we’re going to infuse, “It is perfect that you are here.” It is perfect that you are here. You are an infinite, magnificent being who chose to be here in this life, in this body, in this world, at this particular time—for your own reasons. Knowing that it is all perfect that you are here right now. 

Clearing Step 2

We’re going to clear now any conversational mistakes you’re holding on to. Anywhere where you upset someone else—or you were upset by someone else and said something you really wish that you hadn’t. 

We’re going to dissolve the charge on it. It still happened. You can still remember that it happened—but it doesn’t have to have that grip on you. 

 Deleting and destroying across all time, space, dimensions, and realities. Good, bad, right, wrong, PoD, PoC, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds. You may or may not feel anything, but it is working. The energy is moving.

Let’s just infuse for you knowing that you have a right to your opinion. You have a right to saying what you want to say. 

You have a right to learn from any conversational “mistakes” that you’ve made—and that you can find a way, if you choose, back into a relationship with someone where you may have made a mistake—or where they may have made a mistake. 

You don’t have to be responsible for their response—but you can learn for yourself how to be a communicator that leads to more intimacy and bonding.

Clearing Step 3

Now we’re clearing business mistakes. Anywhere where you’re still stopping yourself because a mistake you made last year or two years ago or 18 years ago.  

“Oh, man, I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have invested in that. I shouldn’t have gone that route.” 

Anywhere where you think you’re wrong because you did that, rather than thinking, “Oh, my gosh. Look, I tried something. It didn’t work the way I thought it would. Here, let me try something again.” 

Anywhere where you cannot treat your past as data, as facts to help you tweak and refine what you do. Because really if you hadn’t made that mistake, what would you have learned? 

That really is what life is all about: trying things, seeing what happens, trying something else. We’re clearing anywhere where you’re not allowing yourself to try something.

I'm not talking about making huge financial investments that you can’t afford—but all of us can go networking. All of us can offer things in our business. All of us can make a decision and do something about it. I'm really talking about wherever you’re stopping yourself from taking action for your business.

Now let’s infuse self-confidence, self-trust, self-allowing, self-appreciation—for all that you have done. Just really letting that settle in.

I would love to hear what mistakes you’re releasing so that you can move forward in your business and your life.