Freedom to Change

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Today I want to talk to you about the freedom to change. We’ve been on a theme of freedom this month because of July 4th and this is a very important freedom to be conscious of and to adopt. Now, why is that?

It’s very easy in the physical world to think that things are solid– like these leaves are solid, this iron railing is solid – and yet, over time, it all changes. These plants, they all change. We change.

Where in your life would you like something to change? Watch the video for the Energy Clearing and Infusion or read the article below to boost your belief that you and your situation can change in the ways you desire.

It takes about 10 years for every cell in our body to regenerate – every cell, and some are much quicker than that – so every 10 years, we are a new us, and yet, sometimes it seems very much like we’re the old us.

Let’s get aware of how we can change and build our expectation that change is possible. We’ll do some clearing today to help you know that even more deeply.

I want to tell you a little story. I have an acquaintance who doesn’t think things change. They actually do change a lot in her life – and they have changed – but she doesn’t believe that. 

She’s in a personal situation right now where that she believes is never going to change. It is very, very challenging for her – and yet, it could change. Everything changes.

I’ve been there, too. I’ve thought, “Gosh, my situation with my business will never change. It’ll never be where I want it to be.” Or my relationship with money is never going to change – and it has, significantly, in both cases. It continues to do that. There’s no arrival – in my experience – there’s just change.

Where in your life do you feel like it’s not going to change –in your life or business, money, health, relationships, love

Maybe you’ve been looking for love for a long time and you haven’t found it yet. How could it change?

You know that I like to use the bobber, if you’ve been watching these videos. This is a bobber and it’s a dowsing instrument. You can also use a pendulum or L-rods to find water. People have doing this for a long time. 

What I use dowsing for is to clear the energy you don’t want and then infuse the energy you do want – so we’re clearing emotions and the past. One of the reasons we think things can’t change is because of our past.

We think, “Well, that’s happened. It traumatized me. I was deeply wounded, and I think things are going to stay the same.” On that level, releasing and clearing the memories and the energy will help each of us have more freedom to change.

Think about that one thing that you would like to change.

I'm going to ask some questions and do some clearing. Just notice if anything does change for you today, or if it changes for you in the future. You may not feel it today, but you may notice something different tomorrow. 

Energy Clearing: The Freedom to Change

When I'm over here on this side, the bobber is going counterclockwise and that’s clearing any obstacles. This is just the way my system works. 

We’re clearing anywhere where you’re not allowed to change.

Where you do not have the freedom to change from your own ideas, your own experience, your rules, your internal rules, or the rules that other people have given you and their expectations. 

Anywhere where you’re not free to change, you’re not allowed to change, we’re going to clear on all levels, lifetimes, languages, resolving all the history. Anything that stands in the way of that is now deleted and destroyed across all times, space, dimensions, and realities.

I'm going to say the Access Consciousness clearing statement, which sounds funny – but if you’re interested, there’s more information at 

Good, bad, right, wrong. PoD, PoC, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds. That’s clearing on 9 different levels and again, you may or may not feel it. 

I use that with dowsing because I like the momentum and the motion of dowsing – and I like the clearing statement. It has helped me a lot. We’re just going to keep going until the energy says we’re done. 

Energy Infusion: Inviting In the Spirit of Permission

Now, this is the infusionpart where we’re putting in the energy you do want. Even if it’s 1% more permission to change – being allowed to change, allowing yourself, being allowed by others.Let the Spirit of Permission come in.

Again, you may or may not feel it. If you don’t, that’s fine. Just notice – your job is to be aware of what comes up and notice any changes. If something comes up that feels a little difficult and I’ll show you how to deal with that in just a minute. 

How to Get Help to Change

If something comes up and you don’t know how to change it or it’s upsetting you, what you do is you gaze up gently. 

 You don’t tilt your head up. Don’t strain your eyes. But just keep your head level – just looking ahead. Then gently look up and ask, “What can I do about this?”

Here are the steps to get help:

1.   You look up. 

2.   Take a deep breath and ask, “What do I do about this?” 

3.   “This” is whatever may be upsetting you or bringing up feelings or memories that are uncomfortable. 

4.  Listen.

5.   Take action on the answer you receive.

That’s it. You look up. You take a nice deep breath. You ask. You listen. Then you take action.

An action might be

“Call my friend to talk to her about what’s going on.”

Or“Call a counselor”or “Call a coach.”

Or“Check on the internet”to find some resource that you may have not found before. 

That’s one way to start to gain even more awareness. It’s looking up, taking a deep breath, asking, listening, acting.

Energy Clearing: The Freedom to Believe You Can Change

The next clearing I want to do for all of us is the freedom to believe you can change

On all levels, lifetimes, languages – resolving all the history. Clearing that – and all dimensions, lifetimes, all that other stuff, PoD and PoC – which is the Access Consciousness clearing.

Energy Infusion: The Belief That You Can Change

We’re going to infuse or bring in – fuse with your spirit – the belief that you can change, in the way you want to

One thing you may want to do is find some new tools for change or use the tools you already have. 

What I find is I have so many tools, but I forget to use them. If you have a tool – like affirmations or EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique tapping) or Access Consciousness or Theta Healing or Reiki or expanded questions like, “What else is possible? What can I do here?” 

Anything that will help you gain more awareness and calm down a little bit. Because sometimes it’s very frightening or can be anxiety-provoking to change. We all want change, and it’s hard to change sometimes.

We’re calling in the Spirit of Belief that You Can Change

How about if it were easy, graceful, fun, adventuresome, creative– and just what you want?

Remember that the universe is always going to surprise you.It is always, always, always going to surprise you. 

It is not going to deliver what you want the way you think it’s going to come. If you hold tight to how it’s supposed to come, the form – rather than the essence – it’s going to be really hard to bring it into form and into reality. 

Believe that you can change – and that it can be easy and fun and graceful – and perfectly timed and that you will be delighted with it.

Energy Clearing: Acting To Change

The third clearing I want to do is encouraging you to act to change

I am very guilty of this – of having great thoughts, great aspirations, and not doing a darn thing about it. You know what? We live in a physical world. 

 Unless we act, we are not going to gain any traction.We’re not going to gain any more awareness – and we’re not going to have the achievement we want in the physical world. 

Again, I know that change can be scary or anxiety-provoking. 

Take it in micro-bites, like little teeny steps. Don’t freak yourself out by going for the whole enchilada. Go for a little piece.If you’re eating an enchilada, you’re not going to eat the whole thing in one bite. You’re going to cut it up and savor each bite.

This is the freedom to act to change. Anything that stands in the way of that, on all levels, lifetimes, languages – the history is now resolved. What that means is, any place you’ve acted in the past, any place you think you’re going to act in the future, and you’re going to get a certain result, and that’s kept you from acting again.

For instance, I’ve had several things in my business that I tried. They didn’t go the way I wanted them to, but I learned a lot. That informs me today – for the business that I have today, and what I want to do in my business. 

The job is to keep acting – and to get better and better and better at taking action. Wherever you’re not willing to do that, wherever you’re holding yourself back from doing that – let’s just clear that. Delete and uncreate across all time, space, dimensions, and realities. Good, bad, right, wrong, PoD, PoC, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds.

Energy Infusion: Acting To Change

 We’re going to infuse the ability, the willingness, and the stability, the strength – to act for change

Also, there’s something about resiliency, being able to be resilient when stuff happens. Stuff is going to happen. You’re not in this world and stuff isn’t going to happen. You take action, you’re going to get a reaction.

We’reinfusing the ability to respond gracefully, confidently, and believing in yourselfBecause if something happens because you took action, that doesn’t make you wrong. 

 Sometimes if somebody is critical or somebody doesn’t like what we’re doing, we feel wrong. But that’s really not our responsibility. It’s their reaction. It’s really none of our business. We’ll talk about that another time because it’s a whole other subject.

I'm coming to a close for this one. This one went a little bit longer and I appreciate your being here.

I teach women sales, authentic sales tools, along with the confidence to be present with a prospective client, who really could use your services. In my work, helping people know that they have the freedom to change is a big part of sales. 

Because when we say no to an opportunity that might be perfect for us, oftentimes it’s because we don’t believe we can change. Amp up the knowing that you are free to change within yourself – and then you can share that with others.

 That’s it for today. Thanks for being here. I wish you great prosperity. Talk to you next time.

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