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Ease, Space, & Meaning

Today is the second week of my summer sabbatical, which I am taking because I was nearing burnout. I knew that I needed to make some deeper changes within myself — and I wasn't having very much fun — so I decided to make a radical change in my schedule and experience.

Watch the video or read the article to discover what I’m learning during this time of change and how it might help you have more ease, space, and fulfillment.

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Is Your Business Talking to You?

Some of the most successful business owners I know communicate with their business regularly.

Sound strange?

Do you wonder why they do that and how?

What the business people who talk to their business tell me is that their business is an entity with intelligence and desires of its own. When they communicate with and listen to their business, they get new ideas and perspectives they would not have gotten without asking.

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The Second Basic Principle of Authentic Selling

In the last issue I said the first principle of Authentic Selling is Trust. The second principle is Transparency. Does it surprise you that you can be open and honest and still sell? It’s true! In fact, in our jaded, “I’ve been sold too often” world, it’s what works best, even if it is an approach you don’t experience often. Imagine talking to another person, wanting to help if you can, having a real conversation, and offering your services if they are a fit. All the while being honest, having integrity, and being transparent.

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Who Can You Be?

The first ever Abundance with Adele live workshop was a BLAST! It sold out and had standing room only attendance with great women business owners and service professionals learning how to bring more money into their businesses. At the end I gave them the assignment to ask Expansive Questions whenever they feel stuck or frustrated about money. The most popular one was this: "Who can I be to bring (put your desire here) into my business each and every month?"

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5 Habits that Encourage Success - Decision

Amping up this habit will definitely boost your business and move you ahead faster than you might imagine. The most successful people do this often and consistently through their day and week. In fact this ability is often exactly what they are paid handsomely for. The faster you get at this habit, the faster you will progress in your business as you grow your success. Watch the video or read the article below to learn about this Habit that Encourages Your Success.

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What Keeps Me Up At Night

There’s just so much to worry about, right? Politics, the economy, the weather, terrorism, children, education, elders, the environment, health care, and when Joel Berry II’s hand will heal so he can return to play his senior year on the National Champion UNC Men’s Basketball team. Okay, that last was for some levity amidst all the things we have to worry about, but I do think about it because I do love my Tarheels!

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Habits that Handicap Your Success - Confidence

Today, I want to talk to you about one habit that I see that handicaps people’s success. And in particular, women entrepreneurs’ success. And what is a habit? A habit is a repeated practice. And because it’s repeated, it sometimes will go unconscious—and we don’t even think about it. Like, driving to a familiar location, you probably don’t have to think about it very much. But these habits can get in the way of our success. And so, I want to talk to you about it—and what you can do about it to begin to turn it around.

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