Busting a Toxic Money Myth

Busting a Toxic Money Myth

Many people live with the toxic belief that THERE IS NOT ENOUGH.

And its equally limiting sidekick - that I AM NOT ENOUGH!

These crippling myths are promoted in our consumer culture. Why would you wear perfume if you smelled good enough? Why would you want a new car if the one you have is just fine?

(I know, I know - perfume and new cars are wonderful and pleasurable, but our desire for them may be based on our sense of not being enough without them and believing the advertisers's message that we need them to be enough.)

What if there were enough MONEY for you?

What if you were enough just as you are to deserve, earn, and receive all the money you want on a regular basis?

What would change in you if you believed both of those statements?

What would you do differently to give yourself evidence that they are true?

Would you find a $1 bill on the sidewalk and instead of stepping over it, you picked it up, said "thank you", and used that as evidence that there is plenty of money around for you?

Maybe someone compliments you on your outfit. Instead of brushing it off, you say, "Thank you for telling me that. I appreciate knowing you like it." Then pat yourself on the back for choosing and wearing something attractive.

Imagine that someone asks you what you do, you tell them, and she seems really interested in knowing more. Imagine asking if she would like to talk further about how you might help her. As a result of the conversation, she becomes a client and money comes to you that way.

There are so many ways for money to come to you. Are you open to receiving it?

The first step is to bust those two toxic belief myths that there is not enough and you are not enough. That puts you in a much better position to attract the clients and money you want and deserve.

Let me know how busting this myth goes for you by email or a comment below.

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