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Is It Enough?

This is week five of my summer sabbatical. I've been able to rest, meditate, and I've been doing a lot of reading, which I expect in the summer. I’ll share with you some books that I’m loving and what I’m learning in my sabbatical. 

During my rest time, I've been thinking a lot about self-value.  I choose to focus on a shadow every month. If you don't know about Shadow Work, I can talk about that another time. Basically, a shadow something that's true, but you're you've hidden it some place.

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Ease, Space, & Meaning

Today is the second week of my summer sabbatical, which I am taking because I was nearing burnout. I knew that I needed to make some deeper changes within myself — and I wasn't having very much fun — so I decided to make a radical change in my schedule and experience.

Watch the video or read the article to discover what I’m learning during this time of change and how it might help you have more ease, space, and fulfillment.

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Unraveling Self-Stopping - Shaming

We’re going to tackle a big way you may be stopping yourself, and that’s shaming. You may know the work of Brené Brown. If you don’t, please check her out. She has so much to say from her research and her teaching about the effects of shaming. Shame is extremely toxic, and I want to talk about it so that you can locate where you may be shaming and stopping yourself.

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Your Word For 2019

I've been thinking about my word(s) for the new year. It's a fun exercise to review this year and dream up the next. I like to choose an overarching word for the year and then 3 words for more specifics that I desire to create in my life. I post them on my mirror and revisit them often, including putting them into my calendar with other priorities for the upcoming week.

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How Do You Stand Out?

How do you stand out in a marketplace that’s really busy, really noisy, and really crowded?

Today we are talking about Step 7 in how to create a clear and compelling message for your business, so that

· You stand out in the crowd,

· Your ideal clients can hear you,

· You attract the clients and the income you desire and deserve and

· You make the difference you want to make.

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Is Your Business Talking to You?

Some of the most successful business owners I know communicate with their business regularly.

Sound strange?

Do you wonder why they do that and how?

What the business people who talk to their business tell me is that their business is an entity with intelligence and desires of its own. When they communicate with and listen to their business, they get new ideas and perspectives they would not have gotten without asking.

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Freedom to Choose

Today I want to talk to you about being free to choose. That seems to be self-evident, doesn’t it? It’s like, “Of course, I'm free to choose,” but in my experience, sometimes we’re really not. We think we are, but we’re really not. Making a choice conscious is a really great practice.

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Align With Prosperity

Today we’re talking about aligning with prosperity. What does that mean? That means being 100% willing to be prosperous. Even though in your mind, you may think, “Oh, of course I want to be prosperous,” in your feelings, in your memories, in your body – you may not feel you deserve prosperity. You may think that it’s not right, that you haven’t done enough, or that somebody else deserves it more than you do.

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Compassion or Companionship?

Do you ever feel a conflict about going for more abundance when others around you are struggling? Do you wonder whether your doing well hurts others – that you should just keep struggling too? Here are my thoughts on these questions along with an Energy Clearing and Infusion of thoughts and beliefs that may prove more beneficial for your doing well in your business and having more to share with others.

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What do you deserve?

These questions probably often play in the back of your mind: “Can I buy a new pair of shoes?” “Can I afford a bigger home?” “Can I take a day off and not have my business or my family suffer?” “When do I get to take a REAL vacation?” Are you someone who wears shoes and clothes past their prime or lives in a place “that will do” or never takes a break to refresh and renew yourself?

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What’s Your Story about Money?

Money is a subject that most of us pay a tremendous amount of attention to. Whether we are always aware of it or not, often these questions are playing in our mind: Do I have enough money? Why aren’t I earning more? Why is it so hard to hold on to money? Am I spending enough or too much on myself? Will I have enough money for the future? Why is money so hard to talk about? Why do my partner and I always fight about money?

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