Unraveling Self-Stopping - Judging

Unraveling Self-Stopping - Judging

Researchers tell us that human beings think about 60,000 thoughts a day, and about 80% of them are “negative”. 

That means almost 40,000 negative thoughts per day are dripping through your system — your mind, your body, your emotions, and your spiritual self. 

Most of those thoughts are judging thoughts.

We judge ourselves, we judge other people, we judge situations, we judge just anything. That’s kind of how we’re built. 

To learn how to unravel stopping yourself through judging, watch the video or read the article below. The video includes an energetic clearing which will help you feel lighter and more free.

Unfortunately, judging really does stop us from being the best that we can be, trying new things, allowing ourselves to change, and taking action that we know that we need to take to achieve our dreams and desires.

Here are some ways to unravel the self-stopping of judging, which can be really sneaky - like an undercurrent that robs you of your joy and your achievement. 

Develop a Daily Practice

I am a lazy person, and I do not like having daily practices—but it really makes my life work better. I feel better, and judgment starts to unravel. I encourage you to have a daily practice. It could be really simple. It has to be for me for me to do it.

My Daily Practice- The first thing I did was make an accountability sheet with the 5 daily activities that I know will make a difference in my mood, my actions, and my productivity. I have an accountability buddy who I share my activities with and we check in every other week about what we’ve accomplished. 

I have to do it, because I’ve told somebody else I’m doing it—and I have my accountability checklist that means that I can check off when I actually do it. 

The first thing I do is my version of meditation. I set a timer in the morning for 12 minutes. I just close my eyes and I’ll listen to myself breathe, I think my thoughts, I notice what arises. 12 minutes. That’s all I can do. I don’t really know how to meditate—but I can listen to myself breathe for 12 minutes.

The next thing I do is listen to affirmations, inspirational sayings, clearings and expansive questions I recorded on my iPhone on the voice recorder. I play those every morning that I can.

There are some times I have to get out of the house pretty early, and I’m not able to do it at home. I can do it on the road, I can do it while I’m washing my face and getting dressed, I can do it while I’m fixing breakfast or washing dishes. 

I want to highlight the importance of asking yourself questions to get out of the stuck place of judging. Questions are a hallmark of Access Consciousness.

Questions start to break up judgments.

Questions like,  

“What else is possible?”

“Who could I be to make more money in my business today?”

“How could I be to be kinder to myself?” 

“What would be fun for me today?” 

These questions drop into your subconscious mind and let you know that there’s something else possible than those judgments that just are constantly there, running in the background.

To break up the stagnation of judgment, develop a daily practice that lifts you up, expands your soul and mind, and gets you into action towards your dreams. 

Let me know what you do as a daily practice and how it’s working for you!