Can a Conversation Change a Life?

Can a conversation change a life

This past week my coach was in Chapel Hill working with her coach. Yes, coaches have coaches – at least the good ones do to keep learning, growing and expanding so they can share what they master with their clients! I was delighted to have breakfast with her before taking her to the airport.

At one point in the conversation, I talked about feeling an undercurrent of anxiety about the state of the world and about a situation in my business. Something has come up in my business that is concerning but not threatening. I have done nothing wrong, but have had to consult an attorney to take care of it. I can tell you all about it once it’s settled, but for now let’s just say it’s a consequence of being more “out there” with my business.

My coach said, “Oh, you can look at your business challenge as the fastest way to evolve your consciousness. It’s going to make you grow and get better more than anything else could.”

Of course, I looked at her as if she were speaking a foreign language, which she was to my way of thinking.

But as I played with what she said and began to apply her perspective to my situation, I began to feel lighter, less anxious, and determined to work through the challenging situation in ways that will benefit me, my business, and my clients.

I now see that all the challenges I face can contribute to my growth.

I can choose to be responsible for my reactions and the actions I take. I can choose to grow instead of shrink.

In that one conversation, my coach changed my life. It was not a sales conversation – or was it?

Wasn’t she “selling” me on another way of seeing and thinking about life and business?

I bring this to your attention to say that every conversation has the potential to change a life.

Conversations like:

  • when you encourage your child to eat a green vegetable, or
  • when you paint the picture for your partner of finding and buying the boat you’ve both dreamed of owning so he gets on board with the plan, or
  • when you ask someone for help and you receive exactly what you need and you both benefit.

Conversations change lives. Sales conversations can too.

I say it’s time to take the whole notion of what a sales conversation is out of what you are used to – high-pressured pitchers, manipulators, and self-serving fast-talkers – and put it into the realm of making positive changes possible and even probable.

You have conversations that make a difference for others all the time. You can apply that ability to sales conversations that change lives while they build your business.

Stay tuned for more on how to do that.

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