Meet Adele Michal, NC Sales Coach and Speaker

I’ve always loved the worlds of art and dance. These are creative universes where it’s okay to try new things, explore ideas, and find your own rhythm.

Sales is a lot like that for me, but I know it’s not for most of us.

Selling can be a polarizing, scary topic because it feels like there’s just one way to do it and that way stinks. No one wants to be the icky salesperson.

That’s why I built my practice as a sales coach very differently.

I approach sales more like discovering your art style or picking up your distinct beat, rather than pushing yourself on others.

It’s not adopting some sales “persona” – rather it’s about embracing who you are.

When I coach entrepreneurs like you, I’m drawing from lessons across decades of my career.

  • In my time as a therapist, I honed the ability to establish strong relationships, listen to concerns, and help find a solution.

  • Through my work in storytelling writing and producing video programs in New York City, I learned how story connects us and how narrative motivates us to action.

  • And even in my own coaching work, I’ve seen “old school” sales techniques fail and been forced to invent a better way forward.

Authentic selling brings all of these insights together. Despite what the marketers tell you, sales is not a formulaic pitch or a “buy now” button.  Great, enduring sales stem from extended conversations, listening, perspective, and rapport – all centered on your inherent personality and story.

My story, my canvas, my dance – it's helping you see a different perspective, open up to another part of yourself, and achieve what you desire in your business and your life.

This is the foundation of my work and mission – to help you evolve into the best expression of yourself.

So if you’re ready to take out the paintbrush, dance to a new rhythm, and give this selling thing a try from a more natural – more “you” place - I’m ready. Let’s create together.

Adele Michal, Sales Coach and Speaker | 984-219-3746