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Is Your Business Talking to You?

Some of the most successful business owners I know communicate with their business regularly.

Sound strange?

Do you wonder why they do that and how?

What the business people who talk to their business tell me is that their business is an entity with intelligence and desires of its own. When they communicate with and listen to their business, they get new ideas and perspectives they would not have gotten without asking.

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Healing “Me Too”

If you are on Facebook, you’ve likely seen the many “Me too” posts shared there – to date there have been 1,400,000 of them. The point of these posts is to focus attention on how much sexual harassment, assault, and abuse women experience. Each post makes my heart ache. And when a beloved younger relative posted, “Me too”, I cried.

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Now More Than Ever

What was your response to the US Presidential Election on November 8th? Were you elated that people had voted for change? Were you shocked that Trump won? Did you feel fear, uncertainty, or anger? Whatever your response, you know that change is afoot for us all. And your response may still be reverberating through your body and spirit.

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Downside of Gratitude

Last week on a Facebook group, someone posted a link to a blog post by Mike Hrostoski called “F*** You Spiritual People for Using Gratitude as a Bypass to Your Anger”. I'll not give you the whole link because I don't want to offend anyone by cussing here, but if you want to read all of Mike’s rant, fill in the blank letters and you'll find it online here. The title shocked me so of course I checked it out. Mike really got his rant on and as I read his post, I felt a resonance with what he was saying. He expressed what had been niggling in the back of my mind, but wouldn't let myself admit.

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Are You Open for Business?

I was talking with a prospective client the other day. I'll call her Alice (not her real name). I've known her for years, and we were talking because she is at a new beginning in her business. She's a brilliant businesswoman and has been quite successful in the past. Because of family events, she had to step out of her business for a while and now is ready to get back to work. As we got into our conversation, Alice revealed her main concern was that "everything has changed." Many of her contacts have been down-sized, right-sized, or “put out to pasture”, and her former network is no longer in a position to hire her for consulting work.. Because of the advent of Linked In and other social media outlets, this very bright and capable woman was thinking she didn't know how to get traction to get new work.

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