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Are You Scared of Being Seen?

If you're like many mission-driven entrepreneurs, you are passionate about what you do. But you may experience a lurking, hidden fear of being seen and heard. It's kinda crazy, right? You have so much to offer, but letting people know about what you do in ways that lead them to work with you can be such a challenge.Today I'm diving into understanding the fear of being seen, how it negatively affects your business, and some suggested practices to help you can begin to turn the fear around.

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Celebrate Diversity This Month

I recently listened to an audio class about the ascent of the planet Venus in the evening sky. Each month as Venus meets the new moon, she passes through another “gate” that corresponds to the chakras in the human body. As Venus ascends through each gate, we are given the opportunity and support to strengthen that area of our life. Venus recently passed through the first gate of her ascent so this month is about the Root Chakra, which is located at the base of your body.

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