Change that Sticks

Change that sticks

Recently a friend whom I hadn’t seen in years said to me, “I’ve been reading your emails and something has changed recently. I am now feeling drawn into what you are writing. What has changed?”

I didn’t know how to respond right away but later I realized what has changed is this:

  • I stopped trying to be “Not Me”.
  • I stopped trying to be somebody else.
  • I stopped trying to copy the successful people in my industry.
  • I stopped trying to hide the real me.
  • I started listening to myself in a deeper way.
  • I made a greater commitment to my truth.
  • I realized that I am who I am and that trying to change that is futile.
  • Of course I can get better at a lot of things in my life and business but I cannot change the fundamental basis of who I am.

One resource that has really helped me make this change is Beth Grant’s Alignment Archetype work. Beth is a marketer and describes four approaches to marketing:

  • The Guru Star – “I know best”
  • The Truth Guide – “You know best”
  • The Connector – “They know best”
  • The Supporter – “I love to serve”

The Guru Star approach is “I know best” and represents about 90% of the training we receive in marketing. An example of a Guru Star is Tony Robbins.

But Guru Stars make up only 10% of the population and, if you are another type, using Guru Star techniques will likely not work for you.

This approach is very seductive. It looks so easy and enticing to do “these 7 things to rock your business”.

I tried the Guru Star approach, I really did. In fact I invested in not 1 but 3 coaching programs with Guru Star coaches. I learned a lot of strategies, but they didn’t work for me because I’m a Truth Guide, not a Guru Star.

It wasn’t until I began getting coaching from a Truth Guide that I began to change so that it was noticeable. Learning to market and communicate in a way that is aligned with who I am has worked for me.

I write this to you because if you have been trying to market your services and grow your business but it’s not working well, you want to take a look at Beth Grant’s work. She has a free download about each of the types she describes. You can also watch a short webinar there.

I encourage you to check out Beth Grant’s work so that you can discover your true marketing style and use it to attract more attention, gain more trust, and get more clients in your business.

I’m finding it both scary and freeing to be myself and express myself in my business in a more honest way. Ultimately it is way more fulfilling than trying to be someone I am not.

Let me know what you find for yourself.

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