Habits that Handicap Your Success - Saying Yes

You will probably say this to another person 100 X faster than you will say it to yourself.

It may even feel forbidden to tell yourself this.

And that’s a shame.

Because you must say it … often

  • For growth of yourself and your business
  • For freedom
  • For self-expression
  • For service
  • For income
  • For fulfillment

Watch the video or read the article below and let me know if you are saying this magical word to yourself enough

The Magic Word

Is ““Yes”!

“Yes” to yourself. “Yes” to your dreams. “Yes” to taking that next step.

What I’ve noticed working with women entrepreneurs is that your receiving ability is not very good.

We’re so trained and so habituated to giving that, when the giving comes to us, it seems foreign.

It might seem a little scary. And it’s something that we don’t accept very easily.

The Cost

How this shows up in our business is that we tend to be overworked, overwhelmed, and underachieving.

Because we don’t have the support that we need.

We don’t accept opportunities as easily as we might.

And we don’t go for what we want, because saying “YES” to ourselves—as I said—seems a little foreign.

Because we don’t say “YES” to what we want, we often don’t get the opportunities that we want - that would propel us forward in our business—and help us help more people, and have a better income and more fulfillment.

The Remedy

Of course, the remedy is to start saying “YES”.

It can be as simple as saying “YES” to a compliment. I’ve had so many people tell me that when they receive compliments, it’s hard to be gracious.

They might say something like, “Oh, this old thing? I got it at the thrift store,” when someone had complimented them on a piece of clothing.

What they could say to receive that compliment is, “Thank you very much. I appreciate your telling me that.”

How about saying “YES” to an offer to help? It really is a great habit to get into whenever anyone offers to help you, to say “YES”. I used not to do that.

But I am changing my ways: If anyone offers to help me, I always say, “Yes, thank you so much.” Even if it’s taking the groceries out from the store to your car, you can always yes to having help like that.

Because it builds that “YES” muscle.

What about saying “YES” to more money? I know a lot of people struggle with pricing their services and products.

What if you said, “Yes, I’m willing to receive more money for this”?

How about receiving more fun?

What if, in your business, you were having more fun with your clients?

What if you were having more fun in your life?

You think that would open up your receptor sites a bit more?

I think it would. I think it could take it from being in a really narrow and locked-down space to an expansive one and saying, “Oh, what else could we do? How much more could we receive?”

Try This!

So your assignment this week, should you choose to accept it is:

Look at where you can say “YES” to support, to opportunities, to more money, to more fun.

Where can you say “YES” to yourself and “YES” to your own desires?

Start saying “YES” to yourself and your dreams more.

Please let me know how you go. I would love to hear what you’re saying “YES” to. And I’ll talk to you next time about 1 more habit that handicaps your success.