Are You Weird Enough?

Are You Weird Enough?

I certainly hope so! I hope you march to your own drummer, make up your own rules, glory in your full creativity, and are richly rewarded for it!

But that’s not likely the case. I imagine that you probably cover up your weirdness so that you can fit in, be accepted, and get along.

And I don’t mean weird like having rainbow-colored hair or wearing a tutu to work although that can be entertaining and charming for sure.

No, I’m talking about

  • Thinking Your Own Thoughts
  • Having Your Own Opinions
  • Confidently Valuing Who You Are and What You Do

I’m talking about expressing your uniqueness and being heard and appreciated for it - in your work, in your personal relationships, and in your community!

As a human, you are wired to fit in for survival. In more primitive times, if you were rejected and left on your own, you died. Simple as that.

We’ve evolved since then, but your brain still thinks rejection equals death, so that’s how it directs you – play it safe, stay in the “normal” zone, look like everyone else.

So you don’t talk about how your intuition told you to do something completely unexpected that feels so right.

You don’t fully value the benefits of working with you.

You don’t claim your gifts and share with pride what you are good at.

You let your creativity linger in your soul so your life and work feel bland and stressful. You stifle your uniqueness. You don’t find the community of people who truly appreciates who you really are.

And your business suffers because you don’t stand out from others in your industry and your ideal clients aren’t magnetically attracted to you.

You’re VANILLA when you want to be as desirable as CHOCOLATE & WINE.

Recently I had the opportunity to get “weird” at a speaker training course. My assignment was to show more of myself when I talked about my passions.

I’m very passionate about intuition, energy psychology, and spirituality but don’t reveal it very much outside my inner circle. It’s weird stuff in the mainstream world, but very important in my world and work.

So I got up and talked about my passion for “woowoo” - for a whole minute, with animation and excitement!

What a great lesson in owning my uniqueness! It let my audience get to know more of me.

Afterwards people told me how much they appreciated my talking about my passion for “woowoo” because it freed them up to do claim what they love.

So now I’m playing with how to infuse more of my “weirdness” into my work and how I want to be a thought leader so I stand out in my industry and attract my ideal clients more easily.

You see I believe it boils down to valuing who you are right now, in this moment, warts and all.

It’s an inside job. No one else can do it for you.

You’re the one who must choose to value yourself and begin the flow of attraction and appreciation because when you believe it, others will too.

Valuing your uniqueness is essential to success in your business. It is what will let you have a conversation that converts an acquaintance into a client. It will give you the courage to promote and sell your services to the right people.

I’m talking about your own unique brand of Weird. And it’s probably not that weird. It’s just different. And it’s not bland. It’s authentically you.

It’s Chocolate and Wine instead of Vanilla. Have you ever been invited to a Vanilla Party? Me neither!

If you are stifling your creativity in your work, you are suppressing your success in your business.

It’s time for that to stop. Try showing more of your uniqueness to someone you trust today. Infuse some of your quirky creativity into your business. Let yourself have some fun!