How Do You Stop Hiding?

How Do You Stop Hiding?

I am back with another question for you, “How do you stop hiding?”

If you are hiding, then your business is not going to be very visible to the people that you want to appeal to. It will be extremely difficult to get your message across.

Here are 3 things for you to think about how to stop hiding you and your business.

Watch the video or read the article below to stop hiding yourself and your business.

Step 1 - Identify your mission

Why are you in business? Most of the people I know and work with are in it for more than money – and more than the business grind. Yes, business can be a grind.

They are in it for a higher purpose. They are in it to express themselves, to be a light to others, to grow themselves and help their clients grow and change and have exactly what they desire and deserve. The 1st step is to know your mission.

My mission is to help women entrepreneurs, women in service-based businesses financially thrive and be free to create authentically – create from where they are and who they are with their own personality and values intact. That’s my mission.

What’s yours?

The next question is, “Can you let your mission be bigger than any fears you may have?”

Can you let it be bigger than fear?

If it truly is a mission, it is not going to leave you alone until you pursue it. What I'm doing in my business now is what I dreamed about about 20 years ago. With the Internet and with the skills in business, sales, and speaking that I have developed since then, now is the time.

Now is the time. It wasn’t the time exactly then, and I had to build towards it.

There have been plenty of moments when I didn’t want to. You may relate to that – you just don’t want to. Sometimes it seems too hard, and your fears are too big, and the “what-if”s are overwhelming.

If it’s really your mission, if it’s really the purpose that you are here on the Earth to fulfill, it will not leave you alone. Step 1 of how to stop hiding is to Identify your mission and appreciate that it’s bigger than your fear.

Step 2 - Allow yourself to receive everything

A lot of times, we don’t want to be visible because we think we’re going to get criticized, judged, blamed – and all of that can happen. It can happen in certain degrees.

I’ve started to have a few negative responses show up in my business, but I know some people have had a lot of them.

How do you deal with the “negative” stuff? We’re caring people, we want people to be happy with us, a lot of us may be people-pleasers. (I’m guilty of that!) How do we deal with negativity, criticism, and blame?

One thing I’ve learned from Access Consciousness is to receive everything – to receive it. That sounds odd.

You might ask,

“Why would I want to receive criticism?”

“Why would I want to receive blame?”

“Why would I want to receive rejection?”

Receiving it is not the same as keeping it. Those “negative” responses can flow around you.

That’s the principle of allowing – allowing someone else to have their critical nature, to blame you, to reject you – and not taking it on. You’re still standing as the light that you are in your mission.

Truly, no one can take your mission away from you.

You can choose not to pursue it, and you can choose to let negativity stop you – but it can’t take your mission away. Look at what you’re willing to receive to stop hiding.

In Access Consciousness, they say, “If you receive criticism, blame, rejection, it’s going to make you more money.”

Why? Because you’re not stopping the flow of receiving.

Isn’t that a concept!?! Criticism, blame, and rejection can make you more money! Step 2 of how to stop hiding is, “Be willing to receive everything.”

Step 3 - Let your business guide you

Where does your business want to go?

What does it want to express?

Who does it want to serve?

It may sound a little odd – but I know from my own experience that I have often listened to gurus tell me how to do my business. They say, “You have to do it this way and this way and this way.”

It sounds great to hear, “Oh, if you only do this my way, you will be a millionaire in seven months.” That hasn’t worked for me, and it might not for you either.

That’s the way we’re marketed often: “I'm the expert. I'm going to tell you what to do – and if you do it, it will work.”

I haven’t found that to be true because I have to do it my way and you probably are like that. Only 5% of the people in the population actually respond well to, “I know what to do. Listen to me. Go do it.” I am not one of those people.

What really works is letting your business guide you.

I’ve written before about talking to your business, communicating with your business, asking what it wants, who it wants to serve, where it wants to serve – and how to find and communicate with those people.

That’s Step 3 to stop hiding - listening to your business and allowing it to be your vision, not the vision of someone else. For me, my enjoyment, my fulfillment, and my income have increased as I allow my business to be mine – not someone else’s.

P.S. Are you ready to be seen and heard in your business?

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