5 Habits that Encourage Success - Decision

Amping up this habit will definitely boost your business and move you ahead faster than you might imagine.

The most successful people do this often and consistently through their day and week. In fact this ability is often exactly what they are paid handsomely for.

The faster you get at this habit, the faster you will progress in your business as you grow your success.

Watch the video or read the article below to learn about this Habit that Encourages Your Success.

Today we’re going to talk about Decision. Coming to a conclusion; that’s what the dictionary says a decision is. Coming to a conclusion.

And if you’re anything like me, it is really easy to get into the Ditz Zone of, “I can’t make up my mind. I don’t know.” 

I’ve had this issue a lot around my marketing message. 

Because I just want it to be right. And I want people to get it. 

And it doesn’t work like that. 

In fact, I had a mentor recently who said to me, “Just choose. Just choose one, and go with it. And see how it goes.” 

Because that’s really where you get your feedback, is when you put it out – and you see if people get it, or if they don’t get it. And if they don’t get it, then you have more work to do. 

Why are DECISIONS so critical?

Why do we do this? To make progress. 

If you don’t ever make any decisions, you don’t make any progress. Because all the action’s up here in your head, and not out in the world – where you’re talking to people, you’re getting to know what they need, you’re finding out how you talk about what you do – so that you could provide great service to them.

So making a decision is really key. Of course, you can always change your decision. When we get into our perfectionist mode, we forget that. We forget that it’s not the only decision you’re ever going to make. It’s just the decision for that day.

So I’ll give you an example. I’ve been in my new, magic lake apartment for a while. Because I had family health issues that I had to help with I wasn’t able to get settled right when I moved in. 

I delayed the settling process even more because I’ve been ditzing around with, “What kind of furniture do I need?” There are not volumes of storage here. So I needed some more. 

And I was like, “Oh, okay. Well I can go to the consignment furniture stores and look there.” And I actually had done that. And didn’t really find what I was looking for.

And I did find what I was looking for - exactly what I was looking for – but I kept not making that decision. Then I thought, “You know what? The holidays are coming. People are going to be coming over. Do you want all your stuff in boxes?” 

As if those boxes are “just waiting around to be beautiful for when your friends come over”. Yeah maybe I could decorate those for the holidays as well – as a little tree or whatever.

So I just decided yesterday, “I’m just going to get the furniture I like. If I don’t like it, I can send it back. I am going to get it.” 

I ordered it online, and making the decision freed up my mind; I’ve made that decision. And I know where the furniture’s going to go. I know what is in boxes now that will go on that furniture. And it’s made – the decision’s made.

Try This!

I encourage you to look in your world – especially in your business. 

What is one decision you could make right now? 

It could be small – like, “I am going to go to that networking group. I don’t like networking, but I’m going. I need to get out from behind this computer.” 

That’s one decision. It could be like my mentor said, “Just choose one.” And you can say, “Okay, I’m going to choose it.” 

Because until you choose it, you haven’t made that next step forward. You don’t have the new vista of like, “Oh, boy, I chose that, and I really like it.” Or, “I chose that, and it didn’t work the way I wanted it to. But hey, I can make another choice.”

And the people that I follow, and the business people that I’m impressed with make a lot of decisions every day. 

Did you know there is a thing called “decision fatigue”? 

The brain only has so much capacity every day to make decisions. Make some good decisions – some important decisions – early in the day while you still have that kind of brainpower. Then make simpler decisions later in the day. 

Here’s to deciding; here’s to making progress. And here’s to success in your business. I’ll be back next time with another Habit That Enhances Your Success..

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