What Keeps Me Up At Night

What Keeps Me Up At Night

There’s just so much to worry about, right?

Politics, the economy, the weather, terrorism, children, education, elders, the environment, health care, and when Joel Berry II’s hand will heal so he can return to play his senior year on the National Champion UNC Men’s Basketball team.

Okay, that last was for some levity amidst all the things we have to worry about, but I do think about it because I do love my Tarheels!

What I want to talk to you about today is what keeps me up at night –

I lie awake wondering how I can best help you to rock your business.

I’m not kidding – I think about this a lot, really a lot.

Because your being successful in your business means that

  • you are sharing the gifts that only you can share,
  • you are getting to do work that feeds your soul, and
  • you are being rewarded emotionally and financially for making the difference you want to make.

This is my mission – helping smart, strong, committed women like you do your work in the world so that we all touch more lives and make a bigger contribution to positive change.

So to help me do that, would you please answer this brief survey?

As my thank you, you will be put into a drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. The holidays are coming and it might come in handy, right?

The survey will be available until Friday, November 10th at 5 pm ET. If you want to help me and have a chance to win the $25 Amazon Gift Card, get your answers in by then.

I know you have a lot to contribute to this world, I know you have a passion for your work, and I know you might want some help navigating the turbulent waters of being in business for yourself.

What I don’t know is exactly what you say to yourself when you think about the challenges you’re facing in your business.

And believe me, we all have them. It’s the nature of the beast.

  • Is it how you talk to others about what you do?
  • Is it how to present yourself in person and on-line in a way that invites enthusiasm and investment in your work?
  •  Is it knowing the best ways to market your business?
  • Or how about how to stay focused and immune to “Latest Shiny Object” Syndrome?
  • Is it how to manage your emotions when you are challenged or stuck?
  • Is it how to pick yourself up from a disappointment or “failure” to go at it again?
  • Is it how to take the next step or small risk to “get out there more” with your business?

Again, here’s the survey link. You have until Friday, November 10th at 5 pm ET to give me your answers and get entered into the drawing for the $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Please do take the 5 question survey to let me know. It would help me sleep better at night ;)

Thank you in advance!