Word Reveal For 2019

Word Reveal for 2019

Welcome to 2019. I'm going to reveal my word for the year. I would love for you to share your word for the year as well in the comments below.

Please watch the video or read the article below. 

Why choose a word for the year? 

Choosing a word for the year is a combination of intention, aspiration and a hope for the new year. This is such a powerful time of year because we’re all asking what we want to do differently with our health, our money, our relationships, and our connection to the Divine.

Some people do resolutions, others don’t. A word for the year can be a great focus point for what we desire to create and achieve this year. 

What we’re really talking about is, “What are the habits that I would like to put in place this year to make my life better?” 

Some Words for the Year 

Speaking of habits, one of my friends said that her word for the year is “steady habits.” She is creating steady habits this year. 

Another said her word for the year is “forgive.” She suffered a More Abundance Live: Your Word for 2019? major loss last year, and a lot of things went wrong – and so, she’s focusing on forgiveness this year. 

Another said “grace.” That’s a great word. 

I love it that my mother chose "hope" as her word.

One friend has three words: “engagelaugh, and find joy.” 

You certainly can have three words, too. In fact, Chris Brogan, who I got this idea from, says that he always chooses three words – but I thought starting with one word would be really a great way to start the year. If you want to add more, do! 

Why Choose a Word for the Year

A word for the year becomes a lens. 

When my friend who says that her word is “forgive,” it’s a lens for her to look at where she can take that next step into forgiveness. 

The person who wants to “engage, laugh, and find joy,” can check herself and ask, “Is that what I'm doing right now? If not, what can I change?” 

These questions are quite powerful. With your word, you can say, “How is this giving me a different perspective on my experience this year?”

How to Use Your Word for the Year 

Write down your word in places where you will see it. Believe me, in about three days, you will not remember what your word is – so you need a Post-It Note on your computer, on your mirror, and in your car. 

You can tell people about it, “Hey, my word is __”, and talk about what that means to you and learn about their word too. 

My Word for 2019

My word for the year is “Reward.” 

It came to me late in December when I was doing a lot of work around receiving and feeling worthy of money. 

I’ve had a long career helping other people. I have been rewarded in many, many ways.

I thought, “This year I’d like to be rewarded in material ways as well as emotionally and spiritually.” 

Does that make me materialistic? Yeah, it probably does. Does it mean that I am going to be greedy and manipulative? Probably not. I will check myself on that.

Being able to receive reward is something that I think we all can expand into – especially women, and especially women who are mothers and who run businesses that help other people. 

I will be looking at my experiences this year through the year with this question, "How is this a reward?"

“Reward” is my word. What is yours? 

Make Your Word Visual 

The last piece is to make a visual representation of your word – you can use an oracle card, make a collage, or draw something that makes you think of your word. It will make it stick better and easier to use as a lens for your year. 

I encourage you to choose a word, use it as your filter for the year, make a visual representation of it, and refer to it often. 

Let me know your word and post a picture of it, too. 

Here we go, 2019! I wish you great health, abundance, and much love and many blessings in your life.