Missing This Simple Step for More Sales?

Missing This Simple Step for More Sales?

Now here's a secret about sales that you may not know - sales happen because of relationships. The buyer has to answer each of these questions about you with a “yes”:

  • Do I know you?
  • Do I like you?
  • Do I trust you?

Without a “yes” to all of those questions, no one is buying from you.

How do you get to a “yes” on those questions? Talk to people. You're probably already really good at that.

What you may not be so good at yet is asking the people who are a fit for your services to work with you.

This is called asking for the sale or the close.

Sales trainers in big corporate environments tell me that, in their courses, women are great at building relationships but lousy at asking for the sale. Men are the opposite - they ask for the sale well but often too soon.

Because men often ask for the sale before the relationship has been solidified (when the Know, Like and Trust factor has kicked in) they can lose the sale and damage the relationship. They seem aggressive and pushy.

Selling is a conversation. And when it's right, it's a conversation that asks for a next step - to become a client, a referral source, a network resource, or a partner on a project.

I find that the women I work with often don’t ask for the sale. They are great at building rapport but stop short of asking the other person to work with them for fear of being pushy or aggressive.

They just plain skip the step of saying, “It sounds like I could help you get what you really want. Would you like to know how I can do that?”

Do you see how selling is a conversation where you build a relationship, find out how you can help, and offer your services when and if it’s the right fit?

In my business I deeply desire to be the answer to someone’s prayer. I want what I do to be such a great fit for the client that she gets what she wants and more through working together.

Unless you learn to take the conversation further into asking for the sale, you can’t be the answer to anyone’s prayer. And you miss out and so does your prospect.

So boost up your courage, put on your big girl pants, and start asking!

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