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What Challenges Transformational Entrepreneurs

Do you ever wonder what challenges your colleagues face every day? I sure do. So I thank everyone who responded to the survey I posted a couple of weeks ago. You may find their answers helpful to you just as I do.The most frequent responses are: How to make more money (about 75% of respondents and how to get more clients (about 58% of respondents). Does that surprise you? No, it doesn’t surprise me either.

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Are You a Selfless Giver?

In the book Give and Take, Adam Grant takes on the fallacy that generosity is to be feared and discouraged in the work place. He posits that being a Giver is a natural lubricant to business and connections. In his book he sets about testing some theories about Givers, Takers, and Matchers. Givers are generous and like to give, Takers like to receive, and Matchers like to make sure they're getting an equal exchange.

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