Now More Than Ever

Now More Than Ever

What was your response to the US Presidential Election on November 8th?

Were you elated that people had voted for change?

Were you shocked that Trump won?

Did you feel fear, uncertainty, or anger?

Whatever your response, you know that change is afoot for us all. And your response may still be reverberating through your body and spirit.

Personally, I was shocked at the negative rhetoric and hate and anger that this presidential campaign surfaced. As a woman, I felt demeaned and angered by Trump’s insults. As a progressive, I felt disheartened by the desire to return to the past that many conservatives rallied for. As a healer, I felt dismayed at the division and lack of understanding on both sides.

If you are still adjusting to this new reality, I have some ideas to help with the path ahead. They are steps I am taking, and I would love to have you on the trip with me.

Gather Yourself 

You may have felt wounded and traumatized by the dark emotions stirred up in the presidential campaign. If you feel afraid, alone, and anxious, gather yourself.

Get support from a friend or healer who can help you address what was activated in you. It can be a deeply personal wound triggered by events at large.

Take care of yourself. Eat well. Rest. Move. Be in nature. Be present. Breathe.

Gather Your Support 

It is more and more apparent that we have to work this path together. Find your friends, your tribe, your guides.

Gather with them. Ask for help. Lend your aid.

Remember that physical and spiritual support is here for you if you will ask. Prove it to yourself by asking and receiving the help you need.

Deepen your spiritual practice. Gather in sacred circles. Pray for the earth, its people, and all life here. Expand in love and connection.

Gather Your Power 

As a longtime spiritual seeker, I’ve been taught that my inner reality creates my outer experience, not vice versa. Now more than ever, I know that it’s time to put that teaching to the test.

Take your power back from the illusion that anyone or anything has authority over you. You belong to Life and are held in its arms throughout eternity.

Own your voice and your actions. If you feel catalyzed to contribute to positive change, now is the time to act. Choose your own way and engage fully.

Live your mission here. It could be that you chose to be here in this time and place exactly for this turn of events. Use it to deepen your self-awareness, your power, and your influence. You are essential to this transformation.

Get into your body. Your mind will lie and twist you about. Your body will tell you the truth.

Use whatever practices get you in touch with the deep wisdom of your body and essential self – meditation, yoga, walking or dancing, breathing, mindfulness. Practice being in your body and in the moment and connecting to earth and heaven consistently.

Trust yourself. You can do this. You can release fear and be a force for good.


Now more than ever is the time to gather yourself, your support, and your power to help the people and planet evolve, to be faithful instead of fearful, and to be fully present to what is.

My pledge to you is that I am on the path with you.

My mission is to help Transformational Entrepreneurs – coaches, thought leaders, and change agents – create greater impact for positive change. This is my leverage point to contribute to the greater good at this time.

What’s your leverage point where you can make the greatest difference? Step into it.

What help do you need? Ask for it.

Does healing need to occur for you to get fully engaged with your mission and your message? Allow it.

Let me know where you are and whether I can help in any way.

We are in this together – all of us, no matter the rhetoric that tries to divide us.

Blessings on us all.

PS If you need a list to get you started thinking about how you’ll get involved on the path ahead, here are some organizations that might fit the bill.