Got Magic?

Got Magic?

Does it ever seem like your business is drudgery, hard work, disappointment sometimes, but rarely anything sparkly and fun?

Maybe you need some more magic!

What is magic? One of the definitions is “supernatural powers over natural forces.” It also means “to conjure or enchant.” It comes from the Sanskrit word “mag,” which means “power.”

Watch the video or read the article below to learn how to invite more magic into your business and life!

I like to think of magic as your personal power. If you have ever seen a magic show, you may go, “How do they do that?” If you see someone who has everything that you would like to have, you go, “How do they do that?” Maybe it’s somebody who’s really successful in your industry or someone who has the relationship that you desire or someone who has the money you desire.

How do they do that?

I believe that there are 5 steps to making magic.

Step 1

The 1st step is Desire: knowing what you actually desire. Now, a lot of us think that we want more money—and more money would certainly create more ease for a lot of us—but the money is just a vehicle for something else.

What is that something else?

Do you want more creativity?

Do you want more happiness?

Do you want more love?

Do you want more adventure?

What would money get you? The 1st thing is to be very clear on your desire. Because when you’re in your desire, you’re actually fueling the actions that you will take—and the intention that you have for what you want to come into your life.

Desire is the first key to more magic.

Step 2

The 2nd step is Belief: belief that you can have what you desire.

If I look at a billionaire and think, “Oh, I wish I had a billion dollars,” do I really think that I could be a billionaire? Probably not. I don’t really know what that would be like or what it would take to create that much money.

Maybe I’d like the things that go with it: the private jet and the private island—and lots of people helping me, but being a billionaire is not something I really believe I can achieve.

If I believe something that’s much more attainable, and I can get in a matching vibration with that, that’s going to help bring it into my reality—which is what making magic is all about!

Step 3

The third step is Doing Your Part.

This involves continuing to be in touch with the desire and be in touch with your belief that it can happen.

If you’re like most of us, you have some nasty little voices in your head that might tell you, “You can’t do that,” “You don’t deserve that,” “That’s not for you.”

Doing your part is doing the internal work of staying true to your desire and true to your belief.

It’s also doing the external work – taking the action – making that call, sending that email, asking for the business.

I'm quite fond of doing energy work, and I’ve had to condition myself to do more of the outer actions—like making this video letting you know what I have coming up. How will you know if I don’t do my part and tell you?

Step 4

The fourth step is to Recognize It. I have noticed that life is very willing to surprise us at every turn. It might give us exactly what we’re asking for—but it comes in a totally different form.

I’ll tell you a story about that. About 20 months ago, I realized that I needed to leave the place where I was living.

It was an older property; it wasn’t being maintained very well, and it was kind of going downhill. I’d lived there for a long time, and I knew I was ready for a change.

My lease was up in maybe 3 or 4 months, and I thought, “I’ve got to go. I don’t have to have a place to move to; I just have to be ready to go.”

I started packing, and I happened to have a VHS video that I needed to have transferred to DVD. It was only 23 years old. I mean, I had not had it transferred in 23 years. I brought it to my video guy, who had moved to a house with two properties for rent: a small guesthouse and a 2-bedroom apartment overlooking a lake.

Well, I fell in love with the guest house, and was like, “Oh, my goodness, I really want to live here.”

Well, the guesthouse is small, and it would not have been big enough for me—but I was really in love with it.

The owner said to me, “Are you sure you don’t want the 2-bedroom apartment?” It was a little darker; it wasn’t furnished.

Even though I wasn’t enthusiastic about it, I took it. The owners renovated it and made it look gorgeous. I’ve been living here for 20 months.

I was not expecting that. That was not in my vision. I never thought I would live on a lake. It has just been the most amazing experience—because it’s beautiful, it’s calm, and it’s perfect for me.

That showed up as if by magic.

I desired a new place to live

I did my part in getting ready for it

I believed that I could find a new place to live.

This amazing property showed up—and I was the first and only person to look at it.

I don’t know how it happened, but I do know that those first 4 steps were key: the Desire, the Belief, Doing My Part, and I finally Recognized It. My friends that have been here, they’re like, “You can never leave this place. We want to keep coming to see you here.” I almost didn’t Recognize It, but I did.

Step 5

Then receive it. I have never lived any place this nice. After I moved in, I asked myself, “Do I deserve this?”

Over several months, I came to realize, “Yes, this was a gift to me—and I receive it. I receive it.” That’s my story of making magic.

Is This You?

The thing that I see with the women business owners and entrepreneurs that I work with, is that we have two basic problems:

One is, knowing what we desire. You may think, “I want more clients” or “I want more money.”

What really do you desire?

Do you desire to do our best work?

Do you desire to interact with people that you really enjoy working with—and who really appreciate you?

What do you desire?

The 2nd problem is believing that you deserve it. The problem with not believing you deserve it is that you can’t actually match it—and so, you stay out of resonance with your desire, and it stays out of reach.

I am offering a workshop called Desires and Deserving. The promise of this event is, “Let your dream come alive.”

We will be focusing particularly on what you desire and what you deserve—what you feel like you deserve and boosting that if that’s not at the level where it should be for you to make it happen.

It’s on May 17th, 2019. If it’s time for you to make magic in your business, go to—and you’ll get all the information and the opportunity to register there.

If you’re not in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, go to my website —and at the top bar, go to “Free Consultation” and apply to talk to me. I would love to talk to you about where you would like to make more magic in your business.

PS What would it be like to spend a whole day focused on you and what you desire for your business, know that you deserve it, and have a simple plan and tools to make it happen?

Join me at Desires and Deserving on May 17th to bring a lot more magic, confidence, and abundance into your life and business!