Let’s talk about enthusiasm and what it can do for you and your business.

Enthusiasm is from the Greek and means divine inspiration or being possessed by the divine.

Watch the video or read the article below to learn why enthusiasm is an essential ingredient in your success and fulfillment.

Think about what difference enthusiasm makes. If I were just kind of laid back and talking softly and slowly, that's not very interesting.

But if I'm enthusiastic and excited about what I'm talking about, it makes you think, “Hey, what’s going on? I would like to know more.”

People love excitement. And that's why we go to entertainment and sports events. We love to feel excited.

When we see an enthusiastic person, we think, “I'll have what she's having!” because she’s exuding excitement. You are curious to know what's going on with her.

I have friends in multi-level marketing. When they recruit a new team member, they look for enthusiasm. They say, “you don't have to know a lot about the product. You don't have to know a lot about what you're doing but if you're enthusiastic, you will get people's attention.”

My question to you is

When did you start to lose your enthusiasm?

What happened?

Where did it go?

When did it go underground?

I know that even if you were a shy child, you had enthusiasm. My great niece is pretty shy, but she is very enthusiastic about a cartoon show about a princess called Sophia. My great niece Francie loves Sophia so much that she has to wear her Sophia dress almost every day. She’s quite enthusiastic about Sophia!

As a child you had a lot of enthusiasm, yet as you grow older, it probably got trained out of you. You were told, “Calm down. Don't be so excited. What are you going on about?”

Losing your enthusiasm happens.

Where does loss of enthusiasm impact your business?

If you can't get excited about what you're doing, you're going to have a hard time getting people interested in working with you.

Three Phases of Enthusiasm

Thinking about this for myself, I realized there were three times after childhood that I was quite enthusiastic and life seemed very exciting.

One was when I was a student in college in England for a year. It was so great to live there and to tour the United Kingdom and Europe. We went to Greece for a month at Easter break. It was amazing. And then I came back to the United States and life went back to normal - finishing college, getting a job, becoming an adult.

The second time was when I worked in New York City in television for CBS News at Walter Cronkite's Universe. I felt like I was in the middle of the universe. I learned about broadcasting and got to write and help edit some of the shows. It was thrilling.

The third time I felt a lot of enthusiasm was when I learned to be a hypnotherapist. If you sat still, I asked you if I could hypnotize you. I loved the healing power of using the imagination to go into the subconscious and help people change on that level so that their outer world started to change. Amazing opportunities opened up for me, and I felt so fulfilled with my work.

And then, life went back to normal again. I've been wondering where my enthusiasm went. Where did excitement about life go?

Getting Off Track

I think that part of getting off track has been what other people have told me to do to succeed in my business. I've been in a lot of coaching programs  and learned a lot of strategies. But the way I was taught to do the strategies didn't really fit or feel authentic to me.

I got off track and started listening to what other people were doing rather than what would really suit me. I felt like I was doing someone else’s life, not one that really lit me up.

Now as I find my way again, disconnect from other people’s opinions, trust myself more, and feel my true desire, my enthusiasm is coming back.  As I am here as all of me I become more engaging and authentic. That is attractive to others and life-giving to me.

What about you?

Where did your enthusiasm go?

What difference would it make if you are enthusiastic about your business?

What if you were lit up and excited to be alive?

Would you have more fun?

Would you be more magnetic and bring more people into your business?

You do not have to be an extrovert to be enthusiastic and magnetic. You can be an introverted AND enthusiastic person and draw the right people to you.

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I’ll leave you with this question:

What can you be enthusiastic about today?

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