Being Who You Really Are - For Real!

Being Who You Really Are

This is a guest post by Jessica Lauren Vine Ever since I have been a kid, I have been a little bit weird. I’ve always had an opinion on everything and didn’t really care who agreed with me.  I always had a faithful crew that was down for whatever even when it seemed as if the world was against me.  Yes, this was before I hit my teenage years.

As I went through some less than enjoyable life experiences and people continually telling me that I had to do this or be that to have “success” I started to wonder if maybe I really was just too stubborn and I would never “arrive.” I started trying to be more “proper” and less bubbly - less HAPPY! Apparently happy is offensive to some people. When I started doing this though, things went downhill fast. I was always nervous I was doing the wrong thing, thinking the wrong way or going to miss out on an important opportunity.

Finally, I just got tired of being placed in a box. I got tired of being told that I was too happy, too goofy or whatever. That I needed to be more “serious”. When I went back to being who I was, the most amazing people began to be attracted into my life. People that I could really resonate with and that were good for me. Relationships with my family went back to being fulfilling and enjoyable. Business skyrocketed and continue to do so!

My main message that I am aching to get out to women and men alike is that you’ve got to find out what is really you and what you have to offer the world and then go out and share that with the world. Someone is looking for what we have to offer right at this very moment and when we try to stop ourselves from expressing ourselves fully, we are keeping that very thing from someone that is in desperate need of it. I hope that you go out there, be yourself and make your dreams happen!

Jessica is a wife, mom of 4 bouncing boys, author of Blogger Money - How to Make Money Blogging (Available on Amazon Kindle), network marketer, internet marketer and lover of learning. She is a self proclaimed peopeaholic and loves it when people comment on her blog!!