Get in Your Power Zone for the Year of the Horse

Get In Your Power Zone For The Year Of The Horse

The Chinese New Year of the Horse begins on Friday, January 31, 2014 and by all accounts, it's going to be a fast ride full of activity and good fortune. It should very different from the past two years of introspection and insights. 

The horse is the symbol of power so to help you harness that power for a great year ahead, here are 9 steps to Get in Your Power Zone and ride the Year of the Horse to your goals and aspirations. 1.    Positive Intention – decide that you can and will have what you want. Go ahead and declare yourself “owner” of your experience. Be willing to learn the lessons along the way and to focus on your experience as more important than anyone else’s. You own your experiences in life. You contribute to and influence the experience of others, but you are the author and owner of your own. Pay attention to and play in your own sandbox. 

2.   Clarity of Desire – get very clear on what you want and avoid the mistake of “not wanting” something. This splits your attention and makes it harder for you to create what you want. For example, you may think, “I don’t want a client who devalues me”. What you really want is a client who values you and your work so focus on that. 

3.   Vision – once you’ve decided what you want, create a sense of yourself already having and enjoying what you want. You may see it, feel it, or both. Set this visual or feeling sensation as your intention. For example, you may create a picture of yourself receiving money from two new ideal clients who are really excited to work with you. Notice how you look in that situation and how you feel receiving the money and the praise. 

4.   Focus Your Attention ­- focus on the positive outcome you want and train yourself to turn your attention away from any information or observation that is not what you want. Bring your focus back to the visual/feeling picture of what you want. For example, “My prospective client said no to working with me today, and I don’t feel valued, but I am turning my focus to valuing myself and my work.” Let yourself feel good as you focus on what you want.

5.   Alignment – notice if anything feels out of whack as you focus your attention on what you want. Do you feel squirmy or uncomfortable? Do you feel unworthy or undeserving? Observe your objections to having what you want. Write them down if you wish. These thoughts and feelings are not “real” although they may feel real. They are by-products of old programming and are being flushed up by your focus on what you want. For instance, you may notice that feeling “rejected” by prospective clients feels familiar. If you observe this in yourself, make a decision to appreciate yourself just the way you are. This will help others appreciate you more too. 

6.   Delegate –  enroll help in getting what you want. You may want to ask help of a Higher Power, your Higher Self, a friend, a colleague or a coach. You don’t have to do all the work yourself and in fact, others (including your invisible team) are standing by to help you. Ask and be open to support. Ask a friend to help you clear out old furniture and files to make room for something new. Find a coach to help you eliminate old patterns of thought and behavior so that you can move forward more easily. Ask your Higher Power to bring you the help you need. 

7.   Appreciation – write or say three things you appreciate about yourself and your life every day. This act puts your focus on what you value. It also aligns you with your desired outcome. For example, you could say, “I appreciate that I help my clients every day; I appreciate that I do my best in all situations; I appreciate that I am becoming a better businesswoman.” 

8.   Inspired Action – take small steps that feel good to you. The key words are SMALL and GOOD. When you are going for what you want, you will make more headway with small steps that don’t alarm the “critical voice” that tries to keep the status quo for you. If it feels good to ask a friend for help, do that. If it feels good to talk to a coach about the issue of feeling valued, do that. If it feels good to meditate or pray for guidance, do that. 

9.   Enjoy the Expectation – while you are taking action continue to envision and enjoy knowing that what you want is coming to you, just as you do when you’ve ordered a wonderful meal in a great restaurant. You don’t go back in the kitchen to fix the seared mahi mahi yourself. You expect the waiter to bring a fabulously prepared meal to your table. 

Use these 9 steps to harness your power to create a fabulous year for yourself and your business!