Where's Your Focus?

Where's Your Focus?

Let's talk about where you are focused in your business and what to do if you aren’t getting the clients you want.

You see there's a world of difference between what you THINK you are focusing on and what you are really focusing on.

It's easy to tell if there's a difference: it shows up in your results!

Charlie’s Story

Recently my cousin, Charlie, who is a high school senior and baseball pitcher, asked me for some help. He wanted to improve his focus on pitching into the "strike" zone.

I led him through a mental practice of noticing where he was actually looking when he pitched. He said, "There's like this magnet that pulls my eyes down to the right away from looking at the strike zone. That's what's causing the problem!"

Once Charlie discovered what the hidden problem was with his focus, we worked together to eliminate that unhelpful magnet and establish the habit of continuing to look at the "strike" zone during his whole pitch.

This all happened in Charlie's imagination, but the next day he told me it worked because he was pitched more strikes that day!

I learned a long time ago that patterns hidden below conscious awareness cause us to be conflicted in our focus and not get the results we want.

Because I've found an approach of uncovering and resolving hidden conflicts that is super helpful and highly effective, I base my work on this approach. After years of using this approach, I continue to be amazed at how quickly and easily desired results show up when the hidden conflicts are resolved, even though the work happens just in the imagination!

My Story

Back in 2013 I made a lot of sales calls after sponsoring at a big coaching event. With all that effort, I was not making any sales. I had to look at where I was focusing and what was pulling me away from getting the clients I wanted.

I realized that fear was making me so uncomfortable about having a sales conversation that instead I "visited" like we say here in the South. I talked to the folks who said they were interested in what I did, got to know them, and hoped they liked me enough to want to work with me.

That was my focus - I WANTED TO BE LIKED!


On those calls, I had no intention of having an effective sales conversation on those calls. I did ask the right questions to see if my work could help them. But I refused to ask them to work with me in a meaningful way. In my avoidance, I deprived them of the opportunity to have a transformation in their business.

Because I was scared.

Because I didn't know I could sell while staying in integrity with myself.

Because I didn't know how to sell with my values and self-respect intact.

I thought that if I was nice and likable enough that they would just whip out their credit card and say, "Please take my money, I want to work with you because you are just so wonderful!!!"

Sound familiar?

Sadly, this is the all-too-familiar focus when you have a heart for service and wonderful skills to share to make this world a better place.

But you get stopped because you believe that selling is scary, selling is sleazy, selling is not for you. That's what you've seen and experienced, and it is not something you are going to do - ever.

But selling does not have to be scary, sleazy, and off limits if you get the help and training to do it in a way that honors who you are and what you care about.

That’s what I call Sales as Service, and it’s the only way that Transformational Entrepreneurs will do sales.

So if you’ve been focusing on being liked or being nice or not being sales-y or manipulative when you ask people to work with you, have no fear. There is a way for you to change your focus so that you are enrolling more clients and earning more income with your transformational work.

If you find yourself in the conflict of "I can't sell but I want to help more people", let's have a conversation. I'll tell you what I see as your #1 block to enrolling more clients with your style and values intact and give you an actionable takeaway to do right away.

This Transform Your Sales Session with me is complimentary, and I would love to help you get some clarity on what’s stopping you and what to do about it.

Go to ConnectWithAdele.com to fill out a short questionnaire to give me some information about you and your goals, and I'll get back to you quickly with scheduling options.