What Challenges Transformational Entrepreneurs

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Do you ever wonder what challenges your colleagues face every day?

I sure do.

So I thank everyone who responded to the survey I posted a couple of weeks ago. You may find their answers helpful to you just as I do.

The most frequent responses are …

  • How to make more money (about 75% of respondents)
  • How to get more clients (about 58% of respondents)

Does that surprise you? No, it doesn’t surprise me either.

Effective marketing was the next most popular answer followed by how to deal with distractions and failure.

Fear and paralysis along with time management also made their appearance in the answers, but were much less popular than getting clients and making money.

What’s the Problem?

One thing I notice about Transformational Entrepreneurs in general is a disconnection between mastering effective marketing and successful sales conversations and making more money and getting more clients.

It seems foundational, but lots of entrepreneurs get distracted with the latest and greatest gizmo, resist taking the actions that will get them noticed, and refuse to get out of their comfort zone.

Why does it seem so hard to put your full attention and momentum on

  • Developing a marketing message that communicates and attracts clients to you and your work?
  • Owning your story and claiming your expertise?
  • Confidently conducting sales conversations that convert prospects into clients in a way that suits your style and your values to a “T”?
  • Making money from the work you do?

The factors that make effective marketing and sales so difficult for many women entrepreneurs are twofold:

  • Inner beliefs and hidden barriers to “getting out there”, earning money, and achieving success
  • Lack of sales and marketing skills

What It Takes to Breakthrough

Breaking through your comfort zone can be frightening, even paralyzing at times. It challenges everything you know and believe about yourself – even the false beliefs you have about yourself and your abilities.

Yet, that is where the gold is. That’s where achieving your dreams and desires lives.

Beyond the fear.

Beyond the not knowing.

Behind the belief that you don’t deserve it because you’re just not good enough.

I know. I hate that too. I wish there were an easier truth.

Business is a steep personal and professional growth path, and it demands much of you when you’re on it.

But when your mission and commitment are strong enough, you can call on your courage and determination (= grit) and become willing to learn, act, and change.

The Solutions

If you are committed to your transformational mission, you can find practitioners to help you clear your hidden barriers to success.

You can learn marketing and sales skills from experts.

If you have questions about where your internal barriers to success may be hiding and what to do about them, schedule a complimentary Transform Your Sales Session with me here.

For some super practical skills-building, check out Annie Franceschi’s new email course on 10 Steps to Write a Great Elevator Pitch.

Annie is one of the best and brightest branding experts around – capturing your unique value and giving you the confidence to share it with others.

Take an action toward your dreams, desires, and goals today. It will make a difference for you, your business, and those you serve.

I know you can do it.

PS    The winner of the drawing for the $25 Amazon Gift Card is Betsy Smith, PhD, of E.L. Smith Consulting, offering leadership development for professional women.

Congratulations to Betsy, and thanks again to everyone who responded to the survey! Your input is invaluable.