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How to Stop Hating Sales & Marketing

A big problem I see in the transformational entrepreneur world is that you hate marketing and sales. You just hate it. You won't do it. And your business lags because of that. I know, I've been there. I've heard many, many people say to me, "I would just love my business if I didn't have to market and sell it, sell my services." Yeah. We all want our fairy godmother to come in and tap us on the head and say, "Bing, here are your clients, go and serve them." But what we miss in that fantasy, in that dream world is that, marketing and sales is an extension of our services.

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Is That Box Too Small for You?

Do you resist doing things just like everyone else does in your field? Do you lose your creative mojo because you feel you have to conform to your industry norms? Several of my clients struggled with these very issues which stopped them from succeeding in and enjoying their business. As we worked to resolve these conflicts, they began to feel freer to create a business that works for them. As they gathered momentum and clients, projects and programs began to flow for them.

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