Is That Box Too Small for You?

Is That Box Too Small For You?

Do you resist doing things just like everyone else does in your field?

Do you lose your creative mojo because you feel you have to conform to your industry norms?

Several of my clients struggled with these very issues which stopped them from succeeding in and enjoying their business.

As we worked to resolve these conflicts, they began to feel freer to create a business that works for them. As they gathered momentum and clients, projects and programs began to flow for them.

“I don’t want a Signature Program”

One client, whom I’ll call Jasmine, was looking for a way to do her business without feeling scattered and exhausted with too many client sessions at too low fees and no time for herself to rest and rejuvenate.

I suggested offering a group signature program to generate business with multiple participants so her efforts are more concentrated and her income could increase.

“I don’t want to do a signature program,” said Jasmine.

“Okay,” said I, “what do you want to do?”

She thought a moment and said, “I want a Mystery School.”

Within weeks a full curriculum tumbled out of her, and she was off to creating the business of her dreams. Today she has a fully-enrolled Mystery School at a price that honors her and her work.

Her students have invested in an experience that will transform them personally and give them professional skills that they can offer to their clients.

Jasmine is in her element and is engaged with her work fully. She wouldn’t have gotten there without realizing what she desired and naming it.

Chafing at the Confines of the Too Tight Box

Another client, whom I’ll call Jill, got stuck doing corporate consulting that didn’t light her up. She was delivering her services in ways that mimicked others in her industry, but were not honoring her creative nature.

Jill chafed at the confines of the box she was in. She began to focus on her creative desires, which were to write and produce entertainment programs. She was invited to collaborate on a show for distribution on the Internet and found that she loves the process of creating, producing, and marketing a show with other talented people.

She has since written her own show, found collaborators to help her make it, and is deepening her experience and pleasure in her work. This excitement spills over into her corporate consulting work, making her more attractive to people who respond to her creative spark.

Are You Confined by a Box That Doesn’t Fit? 

The telltale sign that you are in a confining box is that your work feels leaden and difficult and you don’t want to do it. No doubt that there are aspects of having your own business which are challenging, but if that’s all you are feeling, then you are living someone else’s definition of a successful business.

What can you do?

  1. Daydream about what you would be doing that would really light you up and give you energy and a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Notice your responses to your daydream. What are you saying to yourself?
  3. What feelings come up when you think about a business that fits you and your strengths and talent?
  4. What would you have to shift in your thoughts and feelings to let yourself have a business that is both creative and profitable.
  5. What action would you take next to make a small movement toward your dream?

This simple exercise will tell you whether the box of your business is too small or has room for you and your creativity. It will also give you clues about how you stop yourself from knowing and going for your dreams.

Get support for your dream with a mentor, accountability buddy, or coach. None of us can do this alone. You need someone who can point out your blind spots and encourage you to identify and play to your strengths.

Keep dreaming and acting on those dreams!