Habits that Handicap Your Success - Asking

I really didn’t want to do this.

Even though my business depended on it.

And you probably don’t either.

But on the other side of this action lies your success, your dreams, your money.

Let’s talk about it now.

So it gets less scary, less icky, and you can make a new decision about this action essential for your business success.

Watch this video or read the transcript below to find out what I’m talking about.

And try the practice I suggest and let me know how it goes for you!

Not Asking Is A Problem

Today, I want to talk to you about the habit of not asking. I see this in so many people. I see it in myself, too.

And I know that the more we ask, the more we have the opportunity to succeed. We also have more opportunity to be told no. But unless you ask, you don’t know if it’s a yes, no, or a maybe.

How this shows up is that, maybe you’re too shy to ask. Or you don’t think you have the right to ask. Or you’re afraid that somebody’s going to say no. Or worse yet, criticize yourself

The Consequences of Not Asking

This leads to are missed opportunities, that you take less action, and you proceed less quickly—because the next stepping stone may have shown up if you asked for it.

And if you don’t ask, then you’re left right where you are.

The Remedy Is

The remedy to this, you probably guessed already is –

Just to ask.

So if asking is not something that you’re really comfortable with, let’s start small.

  • Ask for someone to pass you the salt.
  • Ask for help bringing in the groceries.
  • Ask someone on your team to help you. And that can be your team at home or your team at work.
  • Ask for what you want. And this is a big one, I know a lot of people aren’t even aware of what they want, because they’ve been told so often they can’t have it.

But ask for what you want—even if it’s at the restaurant. Let’s say you really want something that’s not the cheapest thing on the menu, and you would really enjoy it. Ask for that.

The Most Important Place to Ask

And to me, the most important place to ask—of course, you ask other people.

But the most important thing for me is to ask “the Invisibles.”

And what do I mean by the invisibles? Well, I’m a pretty spiritual person. And I have my own ideas about reality. I don’t know if they’re right, but they work for me. So I use them. And when I need help, I ask.

I ask—but I also ask for help. In my lingo, that would be spiritual help. Maybe in your lingo, it would be the Law of Attraction. Or you ask the Universe. But it’s really important to add that into the mix of asking. Because I think you’re making the gears of the Universe start to move in your direction, move for you—when you ask.

Try This!

So your assignment today is to start asking.

And you can ask for things that you don’t even really need.

Like, “Would you please pass me that paperclip?”

Or, “Would you please tell me how great I look today?”

I had a friend do that on Facebook recently. It was fabulous to be able to support her that way. So I’d like for you to look and see where you could start asking, and start building that muscle of asking.

And I’d also like to ask you to watch where you don’t ask.

Catch yourself not asking and turn it around—and start to ask.

Again, it can be very small in the beginning. But you are going to be able—and want to—ramp it out, so that you can ask for this sale, in a sales conversation. You can ask for a raise in an employment situation. You can ask for the job in a job interview. There are just so many places to ask.

So it’s time to start building that muscle of asking.

Please say YES to your ability to ask. And I’ll be back next time with another habit that handicaps your success.