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What’s Your Approachability Factor?

When I lived in Manhattan, I adopted a “don’t mess with me” posture. I made little eye contact, kept my purse near my body, and pretended that I had on body armor so that I appeared stronger and tougher than I felt on the streets and in the subways of New York City. I usually don’t need that posture now that I live in North Carolina, but I know how to adopt it if I’m in a dark alley walking to a parking lot. I get out my mace and put on my “leave me alone armor”. I’ve been thinking about how the energy we project affects us in business.

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Got A Business Backbone?

If you are new to your own business or come from a corporate or a therapeutic practice background, figuring out the “new rules of business” can be confusing. You want to be pragmatic and have a heart at the same time. You find yourself trying to give away too much. You watch how other people do their business and decide you don’t want to do it the way they do.

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Are you IN?

In mid-September I visited Southport, NC, a lovely coastal town that was featured in the movie Safe Haven (based on the book by Nicholas Sparks). I have been to Southport several times before because both a good friend and several of my cousins live there. This time was different. I was going to present a talk to the women’s group of the local Chamber of Commerce. I was nervous, I was excited, I was prepared.

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