Are you IN?

Are You In?

In mid-September I visited Southport, NC, a lovely coastal town that was featured in the movie Safe Haven (based on the book by Nicholas Sparks). I have been to Southport several times before because both a good friend and several of my cousins live there. This time was different. I was going to present a talk to the women’s group of the local Chamber of Commerce. I was nervous, I was excited, I was prepared.

But I wasn’t prepared for what happened that day in Southport. The experience of presenting to those 16 women business owners took my business from 2-dimensional black and white film (think of the first part of the Wizard of Oz) to a panoramic 3-dimensional color experience. It became real for me.

For the first time in a long time, I actually stepped INTO my business instead of watching it from the sidelines! Something shifted that day that has connected me to a deep source of energy, joy, and a commitment to share my work with as many people who can use what I teach as I can. Adele with the women of Southport-Oak Island, NC Chamber of Commerce

The women in Southport loved my presentation. I loved presenting my information to them. Some of them want to learn more from me. That felt great.

What shifted is that I truly felt that I was from a place of serving them and helping them solve a problem. Together those women and I created an experience of learning and growth that changed each of us for the better.

After years of dancing around getting real in my business, I’m finally IN. I’m not playing AT business like playing house as children do.

I’m IN my business.

Being IN business is a big commitment and carries a large responsibility. It means that I have to do my very best every day. I have to challenge that Mental Trash that says I’m not good enough. I have to live with my fear long enough to take action to breakthrough it. It means I can’t quit.

In short, I have to do each and everything I am asking my audience and clients to do.

So here is my question to you, Dear Reader:

Are you IN your business? Or are you playing AT your business?

In the previous coaching programs I invested in, I noticed that at least 80% of us participants were playing AT business. We couldn’t “land” our business concept and make it practical and simple enough for people to buy from us.

This was frustrating to say the least. And yet after making a significant investment of money, time, and energy, many of us weren’t able to put what we were learning into practice well enough to get clients, create momentum in building a business, or make money.

So what’s the difference for me now and how can it help you make the switch from playing AT your business to truly being IN your business?

The short answer is “Get IN your body” Yep, get in your body. Get out of your head (where I personally love to live) and access the intelligence of your body. Your body’s intelligence happens to be about 1 million times more potent than your conscious mind’s. It will give you much wiser answers than your analytical brain ever can.

Here’s a simple exercise to help you experience getting into your body and using its intelligence in your business. (This is from the Art of Feminine Presence™ work developed by Rachael Jayne Groover. I’m a licensed teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence™.)

Try this out:

Get with a friend.

Take your awareness up to your “Head Bubble” - like the word bubble above a cartoon character’s head.

From this position, tell your friend what you do.

Now send your awareness down to the “Power Center” in the middle of your pelvis – about 3 inches below your navel and back toward your spine.

From this position, tell your friend what you do.

What differences do you notice?

What differences does your friend notice?

Does being in one position or the other make your friend want to know more about what you do?

That’s it. That’s a simple way to get in your body and be more magnetic when you talk about what you do. The challenge is to stay in your body and that takes practice.

This week, practice being in the “Power Center” in your pelvic area when you talk about what you do, and notice the difference in the responses you get.