Finding Your Feminine Rhythm

Finding Your Feminine Rhythm

Many of us feel disjointed and out of sync with the rhythm of life today.  We try hard to keep up and fit in and often wind up feeling exhausted, depleted, and somehow wrong. Doing the practices of the Art of Feminine Presence, I realized 3 truths about Feminine Rhythm that were invisible to me before:

Feminine Rhythm is Slow, Subtle, and Sensual.

In the rush, rush/more, more pace of life, enjoying a slower pace seems impossible.  Yet it’s available when we tap into our feminine rhythm.

It is like the rhythmic lapping of the waves of the ocean – vast, constant, maternal.

When I drop into the feminine rhythm, I am more at peace, I am more present, and I am more pleased with my experience, whether it’s eating lunch or talking with a friend.

Feminine Rhythm is Magnetic

Do you know a woman who is fully in herself?  She has nothing to prove and is completely comfortable with herself.

No matter how physically beautiful she is, she attracts your attention as she moves, smiles, and talks.  You are drawn to her and wonder what her secret is.

She is in her feminine rhythm.  She lets feminine power fill and move through her.  She is radiant, contained, intriguing.

Feminine Rhythm is Abundant

There are as many faces of the feminine as there are women on the planet.  There is no one definition of the feminine, only infinite expressions of its rhythm.

Feminine rhythm is the pulse of the planet so it is always available, always creative, and always abundant.

When a woman drops into her feminine rhythm, she naturally creates more abundance in her personal and professional life.  Truth and wisdom take the place of “efforting” and struggle.  Feeling off-kilter and out of sync disappears as true guidance and motivation emerge.

We women are ready to experience much more feminine rhythm as we discover our own natural expression of the feminine.  Our men are waiting for us to bring more of the feminine into the home and the office.

How can you honor the feminine rhythm within you today?

How can you allow your slow, subtle, and sensual self to emerge today?

How can you tap into your magnetic abundance today?