How to Stop Hating Sales & Marketing

A big problem I see in the transformational entrepreneur world is that you hate marketing and sales.


You just hate it. You won't do it. And your business lags because of that.

I know, I've been there. I've heard many, many people say to me, "I would just love my business if I didn't have to market and sell it, sell my services." Yeah. We all want our fairy godmother to come in and tap us on the head and say, "Bing, here are your clients, go and serve them." But what we miss in that fantasy, in that dream world is that, marketing and sales is an extension of our services. It's actually an invitation to work with us. An invitation to achieve the change that the other person wants – through investing - and work with us.

So here's what happens if you don't get this handled, if you continue to resist marketing and sales and see it as a bad thing.

Number 1:

You don't get to share your gifts or do your work with the people that you could help. And that feels really crummy.

Number 2:

You feel bad about yourself, because you don't have enough clients. That doesn't feel good either.

Number 3:

You get anxious – because how are you going to pay the bills when you don't have enough clients? It's a vicious circle.

So what if you looked at marketing and sales as an invitation to work with you? It's an invitation to get to the desired outcome that your prospective client really wants. Maybe to lose that weight. Maybe to feel better. Maybe to finally have that relationship that's loving and caring. Maybe it's to have a business that's really thriving.

What if marketing and sales were simply an invitation to have that come true?

And that you are the vehicle? You are the conduit to help make that happen? Would that feel better? Would that make it seem any easier to do some marketing and to learn some sales skills? I hope so, because in my world, that is what marketing and sales are. I don't show up as a sleazy salesperson. I show up to serve. I'm willing to have the conversations that turn prospects into clients – if they're the right fit, and if what I do will help them. And yes, that takes courage. And it takes skill.

If you are committed to helping people live their best life and change this world for the better, then you have got what it takes to switch from hating sales and marketing to getting really good at it.

So that you thrive, your business thrives, and the people you're meant to serve get the change that they desire.

What are you willing to say yes to today? Be willing to say yes to today. I'm hoping you're willing to say yes to marketing and sales and authentic and integritous way that really suits you.