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5 Habits that Encourage Success - Community & Support

Are you ready for the next Habit That Enhances Your Success? Well, it is Community & Support. Community and Support. As you probably have noticed, if you’re not going to a workplace every day, it can get pretty lonely sitting behind your computer and working with your clients and trying to get it all done. Watch the video or read the article below to remedy this problem in your business.

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How Does Masculine Energy Support You?

These days, women have a lot of gripes with men: they don’t communicate their feelings, they don’t help around the house, they let the kids get away with murder or are too hard on them, they don’t appreciate us enough, they’re cranky, they’re not romantic, they only want to watch tv and have sex. You could probably add your own complaints to the list. But here’s the question: Are you letting the men in your life support you? I’m talking about ALL the men in your life, not just your partner, but also your colleagues at work; the guy who mows your lawn; and your brother, father, or son.

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