5 Habits that Encourage Success - Community & Support

Are you ready for the next Habit That Enhances Your Success? Well, it is Community & Support. Community and Support.

As you probably have noticed, if you’re not going to a workplace every day, it can get pretty lonely sitting behind your computer and working with your clients and trying to get it all done.

Watch the video or read the article below to remedy this problem in your business.

Work Can Be Lonely

Since we humans are social animals, it’s really important that we have a social community. And it can be like-minded people that are out to make a difference – just like you are. 

It can be people who share your interests. For business success, it’s really, really important to be with people who are as ambitious as you are, as driven as you are, and who want to make a big difference in the world today.

Support Comes in Different Forms

Support can come in many different forms. 

  • It can be a local Mastermind group that you go to once a month. 
  • It can be a networking group that you go to once a week. 
  • It can be a coaching program that you invest in where much of the contact is virtual, but they’re people from all over the world. 

I’ve done all of these types of building community and support. And I’ve found each one to be very valuable.

Where Is Your Community?

And depending on your budget – not only money, but also your time – you can choose one or all three. And there may be others that you think of, that I’m not mentioning right now. 

But the point is for you to have a place where you can go – even if it’s a virtual place – where you feel like, “Oh, these people speak my language. These people are struggling with some of the same things I am.” 

What I find, in the coaching group that I’m in – which is mostly virtual and international – when people start trying things – and then they get certain results – I think, “Oh, I learn from that. I’m inspired by that.” 

Even to the point of thinking, “Wow, she did that and it did that in her business? I’m not doing that.” Like, large, three-day events. “I’m not doing that.” That’s not my style. But something that fits me, I’m learning from other people in my group. And I can put that into action for myself.

I just can’t say enough about community and support. And maybe you have a church group that you go to – but those people don’t necessarily have their own business. Or maybe you’re part of a direct sales organization, and you have really good connection with the people in your organization and with your team leaders. That’s great. 

The Obvious Question

Finding your own community and support is really key to getting things done in your business.

So of course, my question for you this week is: 

Where can you find some support that suits you time-wise, distance-wise, and budget-wise? 

Maybe you’ve been looking at a few networking groups? Is there one that you could commit to – if you’ve been and visited enough times to know whether it’s for you? 

And please, don’t join a networking group that doesn’t work for you! That defeats the point. 

You want to have something that can be ongoing, that will be supportive and nurturing to you, and where you can support and nurture other people. Because I know that’s what you do: You help other people. So choose something that’s really right for you, and fits your time and money and driving needs.

Get into that community and commit yourself to being there at least six months, longer if you can. 

If you have the time to volunteer for a committee, great! You don’t have to. 

Showing up consistently is really what you need to do. And sharing with other people what you do, and learning what they do, and seeing if you can make some cross-references, too. That’s referral of clients. That’s very important, too – if that’s something that is part of the group that you’re joining.

The other thing that finding a community and a support group does for you is that it keeps you in the conversation. 

Business – having your own business, being a transformational entrepreneur – is not as easy path. It’s really not. 

There’s so many things you have to learn, so many things you have to do. So many comfort zones you have to bust through, consistently. And that can be hard. 

Being in the conversation of transformation – both for yourself and for your clients and for your community – will be very helpful to you. And it will enhance your success.

Try This!

Please choose some activity this week that will get you into community and get you more support. 

Please let me know what you did. I would love to hear from you!