How Does Masculine Energy Support You?

How Does Masculine Energy Support You?

These days, women have a lot of gripes with men:

  • They don’t communicate their feelings,
  • They don’t help around the house,
  • They let the kids get away with murder or are too hard on them,
  • They don’t appreciate us enough,
  • They’re cranky,
  • They’re not romantic,
  • They only want to watch tv and have sex.

You could probably add your own complaints to the list. But here’s the question: Are you letting the men in your life support you? I’m talking about ALL the men in your life, not just your partner, but also your colleagues at work; the guy who mows your lawn; and your brother, father, or son.

Or are you acting like Superwoman and trying to do it all yourself?

Are you waiting for your partner to read your mind and take out the trash, rub your feet, and watch Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday with you?

Are you waiting for your brother to step up and help out with your aging mother?

Are you waiting for your website guy to send you the revisions you asked for?

Are you waiting for your work colleague to finally finish his part of the report that’s due to your boss now?

I know that we women have a multitude of reasons not to trust the men in our lives to come through for us:

  • An abusive father or father figures
  • A nasty divorce and difficulties with an ex
  • Irresponsible or overbearing family members or work colleagues

I used to be a therapist, so I’ve heard a lot of stories about how bad, weird, and crazy men can be.

Here’s the point: there are good men in your world who want to help you, but they can’t unless you ask and let them. The Superwoman persona can only get us so far.  It’s time to “woman up” and ask for support from the men who can hear and respond to us.

Here are some questions to ask to get yourself into an asking and receiving mode:

What difference would it make if I assumed that the men in my life want to help me?

What can I do today to give the men in life the specifics of what I would like them to do for me?

How can I be more open and receptive to having support from men today? What can I appreciate about them now?

I know that there are bad guys, lazy guys, and crazy guys out there.  Some situations may not turn around so easily as just asking questions.  But until you appreciate the men in your life, you’ll be left doing too much and not feeling supported. My invitation to you is to start asking specifically for how you’d like to be supported and allowing the men in your life to respond.  You might be surprised at how the men in your life show up for you!