Sales Is A Conversation

Sales Is A Conversation

My lovely friend, Diana Needham who does book marketing and publishing consulting, had a great comment about Selling at the first Abundance with Adele workshop.

She said, "Sales is a conversation."

When she gets on a call, Diana doesn't know where it will go - will she get a new client, will she make a new connection in her network, will she find a new referral partner or someone new to do a project with?

She may not know, but she's curious and has the conversations - lots of them. Diana is one of the most richly networked people I know and one of the most helpful.

What would change for you if you looked at Sales not as a sleazy, scary activity that only manipulates and takes advantage of other people?

If Sales were a conversation, what would that free up for you to do?

Would you get more curious?

Would you talk to more people?

Would you ask for more conversations to take it further?

Start looking at Sales as a conversation and notice how you may feel more relaxed about seeing how you can help someone else.