What Do You Accept?

What Do You Accept?

I heard that the native peoples of Central America did not see the Spaniards coming way back in 1492.  They had never seen anything like the ships that Christopher Columbus and his crew arrived on, so they could not recognize them or accept them. Many of us mission-driven entrepreneurs are like those natives.  Our experience and worldview often does not include abundance, plenty, and profit for ourselves.  We’ve often been the outliers, the folks who are a little weird, wired a little differently.

Steve Jobs was an outlier, and his drive and weirdness made personal computers friendly and fun for millions of people around the world and Apple a wildly profitable company.

How about you?

What do you accept?

Do you accept that getting your purpose work out into the world has to be hard?

Do you accept that people who do what you do have to struggle financially?

Do you accept that doing service for others means you can’t ask for money in return?

I’d ask you to reconsider what you are accepting.  Times are changing (see the fascinating article below*).  People are hungry for authenticity and thirsty for connection.  Who you are and what you do may be exactly what they are looking for.

But how will they know unless you tell them and accept their acknowledgement and payment?

Are you willing to expand what you accept?  Expansion of course means expanding your skill sets, facing your fears, and learning how to value yourself and what you do more appropriately.

Are you up for it? I certainly hope so, because we need what you’ve got.  I encourage you to expand what you accept so that you and those you serve benefit more.  Expand yourself and what you accept to include more abundance, more prosperity, and more peace in our world.  It’s catching, you know!

* Here’s an inspiring article on the new mainstream.