The Gifts of the Year

The Gift Of The Year

In the race to keep the plates spinning and the business moving ahead, it’s easy to forget all the gifts of the year. They often come in the form of challenges. Some of the challenges I faced this year were real - like the death of my beloved dog. Others demanded changes of perspective and breaking up long-held perceptions.

Often deep emotions of grief and anger arose with these challenges. Every time changes were demanded, they led to greater strength, understanding, and healing.

As I look back on 2014, I am struck with the number of people that helped me along the way.

I am reminded of the Heroine’s Journey. In the middle part of the Journey, the Heroine is forced to face tests and meets with allies who help her overcome great odds.

This year has truly taught me that when the challenges arrive, so do the allies and sometimes in the most unexpected forms – coaches, friends, and practitioners, of course, but also a profound sound healing at a New Moon Meditation, a free webinar, and an inspirational quote on Facebook.

The trick is to recognize and accept the assistance. And then to trust that it will be there the next time you need it.

My request of you, dear Reader, is that, as you enjoy your holidays, think back over the challenges you faced this year. Consider how you met them and the help you received.

These are the Gifts of the Year.

I wish Happy Holidays to each of you. May you and yours be healthy, happy, prosperous, and peaceful this season and in the year to come.