Your Word For 2019

Word for 2019

I've been thinking about my word(s) for the new year. 

It's a fun exercise to review this year and dream up the next. 

I like to choose an overarching word for the year and then 3 words for more specifics that I desire to create in my life. I post them on my mirror and revisit them often, including putting them into my calendar with other priorities for the upcoming week. 

I also enjoy watching how my words express themselves in my life - never the way I thought they would! 

The words become a guiding light for me through the year, keeping me trued up to the choices I desire to make.

I got the idea from a blog post several years ago and it's really caught on. Now there are plenty of ideas about how to choose your word on the internet. 

I'll share my words closer to the end of December, but I'm wondering if you are playing along too. If so, be ready to share soon!