Unraveling Self-Stopping - Appreciation

Unraveling Self-Stopping - Appreciation

Today we’re going to talk about Appreciation.

I work with women entrepreneurs and innovative teams to help them get past stopping themselves, so that they can express themselves, enjoy success in their business, bring in more money, and help their clients succeed in their life and business.

That’s why we’re talking about self-stopping. In case you’re wondering, this is a series. It might be a long series. Why is that? Because there are a lot of ways we stop ourselves. I am familiar with many of them. My clients have shown me other ways that they stop themselves—and what they can do and what we can do together to get past self-stopping.

Today we’re talking about Appreciation, especially appreciation of yourself.

Watch the video or read the article below to learn the value of appreciating yourself and a clearing exercise to help you to do that more.

We’re encouraged to do a gratitude practice, which is fabulous—but how often are we encouraged to be grateful for and appreciate ourselves, what we’ve done, and what we’ve come through, our value, our worth—and our contribution to others?

Are You Appreciating You?

The question to ask is, “What are you refusing to perceive or receive about your contribution to others?”

What I’ve noticed with a lot of women is that we love to give. We are biologically wired to give so that we can take care of our young, and the species survives.

Yet, even if we don’t have children—or our children are adults now—we tend to want to give a lot, and to help others succeed. We ourselves begin to drop off of our agenda. I think it probably happens when we’re young mothers.

I'm not a mother, but I notice that young mothers that I know, it’s like, it’s all-consuming to take care of a child and have a family, have a husband, and work. We are impelled to give and to contribute to others.

Where do we not take ourselves into the equation? That’s the question we’re going to ask today.

A Case in Point

I was recently made aware of the death of a wife of a friend of mine. I had not seen him in a while, and the last time I saw him, he didn’t mention that she was ill.

She became ill and pretty quickly died. She leaves behind her husband—my friend—two daughters, and a son, who is an adult special-needs child—plus her immediate family, her parents, her sisters, her brothers, her siblings, her cousins—and the larger world that she inhabited, where she was a meaningful part of people’s lives.

She contributed to them by being herself, by being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister. That leaves a hole in those people’s lives—a big hole. She may not have been aware of the contribution she was making—but now that she’s gone, it is really evident to the people who loved her.

Clearing Exercise

That’s why we’re going to do the clearing today on where you’re not perceiving and receiving your contribution to others, so that you know your worth, your value—and that you take good care of yourself. This is the dowsing bobber that I like to use to clear energy. When it’s over here and going in a counterclockwise direction, it’s clearing. When it’s over here, it’s going in a clockwise direction, and it’s infusing.

I like to use the dowsing bobber because it gets me in motion. You may feel the effects. You may not. In whatever way you perceive what I’m doing, it is helping you on some level.

It may be an unconscious level—but that’s an important, very important place to have change start to occur. We’re just going to build up your awareness and do the clearing.

Where are you not perceiving and receiving being aware of your contribution to others? Anything that stands in the way of that is now deleted and destroyed across all time, space, dimensions and realities. Good, bad, right, wrong, PoD, PoC, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds.

That’s the clearing statement from Access Consciousness, which you can find at AccessConsciousness.com, and then search for the “clearing statement”, to understand what this is.

They describe it as a “magic wand to clear energy”. Why you want to clear energy is because the thoughts, the feelings, and the habits, and the things that you’ve learned from others—or inherited from others—are big self-stoppers. Becoming aware, then doing the clearing work are the first two steps.

You may or may not feel anything. Let it happen. If you do feels something, that’s great. I would love to hear how this session and other sessions I’ve done have been helping you.

Now we’re going to do the infusion. If you’ve ever been to one of those olive oil shops, and they have infused olive oil with garlic or orange or basil, that’s what we’re doing. We cleared something, and now we’re going to put something in that you desire.

This is allowing yourself to perceive your contribution—on all levels, lifetimes, languages, resolving all the history: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Perceiving and receiving your contribution to others.

Where are you not receiving your value just for being you? Wherever that is, delete and destroy across all time, space, dimensions, and realities. Good, bad, right, wrong, PoD, PoC, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds.

Your value as an infinite being who came here to create, to explore, and to have an adventure. Infusing perception and reception of your value: your value to yourself, your value to others, your value to the universe, your value to life, your value to the divine, to the universe. Your contribution and value just for being here, being who you are, coming into this physical form—with all your gifts, all your foibles, and all your accomplishments. Good.

Where are you not perceiving and receiving your worth?

Anything that that is, delete and destroy across all time, space, dimensions, and realities. Good, bad, right, wrong, PoD, PoC, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds.

Any SHICCUs and implants and all that kind of stuff, we’re going to delete and destroy that, too. What that means is, anywhere where you were programmed to devalue yourself and not to know your own worth—just disappearing all of that.

Now, these clearings are powerful—and they go in layers. If you like this, you can go back and repeat it to get to deeper and deeper layers.

I'm not sure we’re ever done with self-evolution. It just seems like it’s the journey of a lifetime. Getting okay with that is a good thing. Not thinking you’re supposed to be done—because if you’re done, you might be done and ready to leave.

Now we’re infusing your ability to perceive and receive your worth. Perceiving is really important. The reception of it is just as important. Why? Because it means you’re letting it in. It’s one thing to say, mentally, “Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm worthy.”

It’s a whole other thing to have a full-body experience of your worth.

That’s what these clearing statements are for – to give you a full-bodied experience so that you bring the idea, the mental perception of it, into a body awareness and a body reception.

One more thing before we go: If you are interested in this kind of work, and if you would like to get more solid in your knowing of your worth and value—and your perception and reception of your contribution—please schedule a 30-minute consult about whether working with me would be a good fit for you at this time for your life and business. There’s no obligation, of course—and it really is to see whether we are a fit: if what I have to offer would benefit you and move you forward right now.