Are You Supposed to Have Power & Money?

There is an injunction against women being powerful.

I wanted to talk to you about a big revelation I had yesterday. On Wednesday, I had a conversation with my coach about why I hold back from being more successful in my business by helping more people and really making more money. And our conversation was challenging, and it also made me want to go deeper into what has been holding me back personally. And I did think it was personal. I thought there was something wrong with me. It's like, "Oh, I'm just built that way." And what I realized is, that's not true. What I realized is, there is an injunction against women being powerful. And that includes being successful and having money of their own making.

Are you staying safe?

And I had to look at that and go, "Wow. What's going on here?" And what I realized is that my family – and not just my immediate family, but my grandparents, and all the way back – really have an investment in me staying safe and being here on the planet. And so, staying small; not really being myself; not taking on the power and embodying the power that I could have and that I do have. Not embodying it in all the ways that I can – is a way for me safe, for them to keep me safe. And once I realized, "Gosh, it's not really personal; it's more global." Because the women that I serve, I see this in their world as well. They're so capable, and yet they hold themselves back from being truly successful and having the money that they want in their business, while making the impact that they want to make.

Are you holding back?

And so, I wanted to share this with you today – to ask you to look into your life and business. And just ask: "Where have I been holding myself back? Is it because my family of origin, my lineage, my culture wants me to be safe? And that that's more important than being powerful and having the impact I want to have?" Now, for a long time, I would've said, "Yes, that's more important, to be safe." In fact, I did say that. But now, with this understanding that it's a global injunction and that, it's really not the truth of who I am. And I'm not going to be here forever. And now is my time to make the difference that I want to make. I'm making a different decision. I'm making a decision to step into my power, to the best of my ability. And it won't be perfect. And it won't be all the time. I will continue to get scared and back off. But I'm not going to stay backed off. I'm going to stay in the pursuit of being my most authentic self – to make the biggest difference that I can make.

So I invite you to look and see whether that invitation is something you would say yes to as well.

I would love to have you on this journey with me. And I would love for you to just help me dispel the myth that we can't have the power, the money, and the impact that we not only desire, but deserve – because of the value that we deliver.