Transform Your Relationship with Sales

Today, I want to wrap up my series of how to stop hating marketing and sales.

And so I want to offer you the next step in being a transformational entrepreneur – a step that will take you into greater service, more clients, better agility with marketing and sales, and more peace with doing marketing and sales. And getting your work out there.

And that is to transform your relationship with getting your work out into the world.

Getting your work out into the world.

So this is a big one. We have some shyness about getting out there. We have some fears – like, maybe people won't like us, or they'll reject us or criticize us. What about the haters? There are a lot of things to consider. But what's bigger than that is what you're here to do. Who are you here to serve? What are you here to offer? So if you focus on that, rather than your own fears, it can help you to get yourself out there.

Small steps.

And the other thing to remember is that, it can be small steps. It doesn’t have to be from inside your home, in front of a computer to a big arena stage. That would be too much for anyone. There are building blocks. There are small steps to take. "One step at a time," and "How do you get out of your comfort zone?" is really the place to look.

Transforming your relationship with marketing and sales.

So transforming your relationship with getting your work in the world is also transforming your relationship with marketing and sales – which is what I've been talking about for the past few videos. And so, what we can do today is to say goodbye to sleazy sales once and for all. Here's Lenny, our Used Car Salesman. Not fashion-forward and a little politically incorrect smoking that stogie. It's time to say goodbye to Lenny. Are you ready? Let's say goodbye to Lenny. Bye, Lenny.

So you don't have to be sleazy. You don't have to be scared – or you don't have to be stopped by your fear – of getting yourself out into the world with your services. What you do have to be is convicted that you can help someone else live their dream, reach their goal, acquire their possibility, and enjoy it. So are you ready to do that? I hope so. Again, if you have any comments, please let me know. And if you would like a conversation about how to transform your relationship with marketing and sales, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to have a complimentary conversation with you.